Making Your Small Garden Appear Bigger

Making Your Small Garden Appear Bigger
Making Your Small Garden Appear Bigger



Step 1: Start by clearing the way!

Step 2: Limit the number of plants in a small garden

Step 3: Choose the right plantings

If your garden seems too small, you can try to give it a sense of space by arranging it wisely. Follow these tips, and the result will likely be a pleasant surprise as your natural space will seem much more extensive!

1. Start by clearing out your space!

Making Your Small Garden Appear Bigger

The most common mistake in a small garden is to occupy its center with a profusion of plants. This makes it look even smaller than it is.

On the contrary, to make a small garden appear bigger:

  • Clear the central axis: move the trees and shrubs in the garden’s heart. Move them to the periphery to hide the garden’s limits or offer them to a friend with a large plot.
  • Following that, you can decide whether to put a great lawn, a driveway, or a patio in the middle of your garden.
  • Eliminate the center massifs: placing them as close to the property line as possible.
  • Create a focal point to accentuate the perspective: the idea is to bring in small decorative elements to create a setting adapted to your space and attract the eye. These components can include a swing, a bench and a small table made of wood, wrought iron, or stone, a garden box, a garden shed (in this case, and a shed of less than 5 m2). They should be placed at the bottom of the park.

Good to know: creating an atmosphere in your small garden makes you forget the lack of space.

2. Limit the number of plantings in a garden that is too small

If your neighbouring gardens are planted with trees close to the fence, this has the following advantages:

  • You will not have to grow any.
  • In the fall, you won’t have to deal with inconveniences like tree maintenance or leaf removal.

You will benefit from this plant backdrop to highlight:

  • your flowerbeds with multiple colours;
  • pergola or a trellis on which you can let a rambler rose or a clematis climb.

Good to know: flowerbeds and pergolas should be installed close to fences to mask property lines and create a strong effect.

3. Choose the suitable plantings

Making Your Small Garden Appear Bigger

Don’t rush to buy your plants. Remember that a shrub can hide a gigantic tree that, after a few years, will make you regret your purchase if you have a small garden.

To make the right choice of plants:

  • Find out beforehand about the future development of the trees and their dimensions as adults.
  • Distinguish between tapering or small plants (placed at the beginning of the bed) and tall plants (kept at the bottom of the beds).
  • Banish plants that are too large.

Good to know: you must always free the visual field to give a feeling of space. So choose plants that are not too tall, so they don’t block the view. This is how you will make your garden appear broader and more profound.

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