Houseplants That Thrive In Winter

Being a plant lover has always brought me delight, but having plants around has been especially lovely now that I’m spending more time at home. Having something to look after and maintain has been beneficial, reassuring, and stabilizing during times when it can be difficult to relax. It’s also a nice way for me to channel my energy that isn’t as intense as caring for a “real” pet. (But who’s to argue that plants aren’t actual pets?)

Unfortunately, our plants do not grow in the winter; nevertheless, there are a few plants that thrive in lesser light and can endure lower temperatures if you, like me, have a poorly insulated flat or house.

Here are ten easy houseplants that thrive in the winter months to help you green up your place all year long.

Snake Plant
My snake plant is one of my favourites. It not only has a nice appearance and grows to be rather tall, but it is also practically unbreakable. Have you forgotten to water it or are you going on vacation for a few weeks? Low-light and infrequent waterings are just appropriate for snake plants. In fact, the only thing that makes these men upset is overwatering. Before you give it a drink, make sure the earth is dry to the touch.

Spider Plant
Because of how easy and robust it is, my spider plant may be the most satisfying plant I’ve ever grown. If you keep it alive long enough, it will produce baby spider plants that you may cut, plant, and present to a friend. Isn’t that lovely They prefer moderate sunshine and slightly wet soil, so watering once a week should enough. Because it dries out more slowly in cooler temperatures, you can go a little longer between waterings in the winter.

My philodendron is by far the largest of my plants. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, with some trailing and others, like monsteras, growing as large as you allow them. They don’t require much maintenance and may thrive in gloomy, indirect light situations. Place them in a well-draining container, water once or twice a week when the soil seems dry, and watch them develop.

ZZ Plant
The ZZ Plant, sometimes known as the arum fern, is a deep green, glossy, and generally attractive plant that is also quite easy to grow. It thrives in a wide range of conditions, including cold and moist, hot and dry, full sun or entire shade. It grows slowly naturally, so you won’t have to repot it very frequently.

Jade Plant
My jade plant grows at a rate that is roughly equal to the rate at which I can repot it. It enjoys moderate to low light conditions and can become sunburned if exposed to too much sun too quickly, making it an excellent winter addition. Because the leaves hold water, only water it until the soil feels completely dry. If any leaves fall off, simply place them in the earth and they will germinate…

Chinese Evergreen
Chinese evergreens are one of the most attractive plants on our list, with a wide range of colours, forms, and sizes. It is remarkably resilient to cold and dry settings for a tropical plant. This plant does not handle overwatering well, so be sure to put it in something that drains properly. Wipe off the leaves on a regular basis to keep critters like spider mites and aphids away.

Aloe Vera

If you live in a dry environment and frequently neglect to water your plants, aloe is the plant for you. Its dense leaves store water, allowing it to endure longer periods between waterings. It prefers to be near a light source, so keep it near a window or a bright place, even if only for a few hours every day.

Are you ready to plant for winter? Let us know which one are you willing to plant…

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