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Fern Slurry

How to Prepare and Use Fern Slurry    Summary  – Step 1: Harvest the fern  – Step 2: Prepare the fern slurry  – Step 3: Strain and store  – Step 4: Use fern slurry    Less known than nettle or comfrey manure, fern manure is all the more interesting to make because the raw material is abundant in the woods and moors. Pure or diluted, it has many properties, notably insecticidal. It is useful for both the vegetable garden and the ornamental garden.  Making your own fern slurry is within everyone’s reach. Here is the recipe and advice to prepare and use a completely organic fern purin.  1. Harvest the fern  Eagle fern – which grows spontaneously in the undergrowth, on moors and along roadsides – is suitable for making fern slurry. So take advantage of a walk in the countryside or the forest to make your harvest:  – Harvest the…

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When Is It Best to Apply Fertilizer

When Is It Best to Apply Fertilizer Contents – Fertilizer: a different action for each season – When to fertilize the vegetable garden? – When to fertilize hedges? – Background fertilizer or a boost to the soil Fertilizer boosts the soil to nourish plants, but they sometimes need a little rest to start growing again when spring comes. What is the best time of year to apply fertilizer, depending on the objective? Fertilizing a tomato plant to stimulate its growth or preparing the soil for a future hedge does not require the same fertilization methods. If the products used are not the same to enrich the ground, the relevant times to fertilize the soil are not the same. Fertilizers: each season has its action In spring There are two complementary approaches to fertilizing the soil in the spring. At the beginning of the season, a slow-acting fertilizer, often mentioned as…

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