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Buying a Hose Nozzle: Selection Criteria

Buying a Hose Nozzle: Selection Criteria A missing or broken garden hose nozzle means the entire garden hose is temporarily unusable. As there are many garden hose nozzles on the market, it is wise to know the different types of nozzles available according to their use and their compatibility with the existing nozzles and hoses owned. Types of garden hose nozzles The old hose connection systems that required metal clamps have gradually disappeared. Nowadays, almost all garden hose couplings have adopted the integrated tongue clamp system developed by a famous manufacturer. Today, the name of this manufacturer is “Gardena”, a connection standard that makes almost all products on the market compatible. Hose nozzles are distinguished according to their function, type of connection, hose diameter and material. Function The hose nozzle differs depending on whether it is intended for: – water supply: tap connector; – pipe joining: intermediate connectors; – distribution: 3-way Y-branch; – watering:…

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How to Choose Your Garden Hose A garden hose seems very simple, but it is enough to go to a garden center to remain perplexed in front of the range of choices proposed. Some criteria can help you to choose better… Internal diameter If you have good water pressure, it will probably be sufficient. If the pressure is low, a 19 mm hose is preferable: remember, the flow rate is proportional to the square of the diameter! A small diameter hose (15 mm) is lighter and easier to roll up and store. Beware the weight of the hose, and its price increase considerably with the diameter. Knitted mesh Today’s garden hoses are made of several layers of materials that make them resistant to crushing and bending. Check for a layer of “knitted” mesh, which signals an anti-twist hose. Flexibility A well-flexed hose is much easier to handle, roll up and…

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