Which Pruning Equipment to Choose for High Cutting

Which Pruning Equipment to Choose for High Cutting

Which Pruning Equipment to Choose for High Cutting

The range of materials required for pruning equipment includes manual or motorized cutting tools, lifting or climbing equipment (pruning claws), and safety equipment for pruning.

Pruning equipment: on the ground or overhead? The pruning can be done from the ground or at elevation. The tools, equipment and cutting and safety materials will vary depending on the position of the pruner (climber or not).

What equipment for pruning on the ground?

Which Pruning Equipment to Choose for High Cutting

It is possible to prune high branches from the ground using tools on telescopic or non-adjustable height poles:

  • pruning pole to cut branches of about 1 cm in diameter;

  • battery-operated pole pruner for cutting branches up to 3 cm in diameter;

  • pruning saw on a pole to cut branches up to 6 or 8 cm in diameter;

  • pole pruner for cutting larger diameter branches.

Pruning: equipment for high cutting

Which Pruning Equipment to Choose for High Cutting

The cutting equipment to be carried on a ladder or in a tree must be light and compact:

  • pruning shears and branch cutters;

  • pruning saw (without telescopic handle);

  • pruning saw.

Note: Using a cherry picker, you can take all the cutting equipment with you that can be used from the ground.

Pruning equipment: choosing tools according to use

Which Pruning Equipment to Choose for High Cutting



From the lightest to the most powerful, you can use most plant cutting tools in tree trimming operations and tree cutting operations:




Pruning of fruit trees

Round pruning

Crown pruning

Pruning shears (manual or battery electric).

Hardwood pruning (soft pruning)

Pruning of coniferous trees

Pruning of fruit trees

Size in the cloud

Long branch pruning shears (manual or battery electric).

Pruning of hardwoods and softwoods (severe pruning)

Pruning saw.

Pruning pole (weed whacker).

Electric pruner.

Pruning saw.



Pruning saw.



Forestry harvester.

Pruning equipment: safety equipment

Which Pruning Equipment to Choose for High Cutting

Pruning from the ground requires minimal equipment, but pruning safety is essential.

  • Protection against the risks of falling branches and the spread of sawdust:

    • cut resistant gloves;

    • pruning helmet;

    • protective eyewear;

  • protections to maintain the tool.

Pruning at height involves, in addition to the risks of cutting, risks of falling, which makes a minimum of safety and protective equipment mandatory:

  • cut resistant gloves;

  • pruning helmet with safety glasses;

  • pruning harness with ropes, carabiners, descenders, etc.;

  • possible accessories: pruning claws.

Pruning equipment: additional equipment

After pruning and cutting, felling, skidding and skidding require additional equipment to facilitate the operations:

  • skidding winch;

  • plant shredder.

Price of pruning equipment: expensive

Depending on the investment in tools and equipment that you have to make, it may be more interesting to call upon a pruning company or a lumberjack. These professionals already have all the necessary equipment for pruning and the safety equipment at their disposal. The other solution can be to rent.


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