Benefits of Gardening

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Being in touch with nature is essential for the well-being of human beings. Walking in a forest, breathing cleaner air, enjoying beautiful landscapes, all of this generates tranquility and peace of mind. Now imagine the impact of creating natural spaces and enhancing these spaces through gardening, an activity that is becoming increasingly popular in the country as well as in the city.

In addition to giving your plants a beautiful appearance, gardening generates many benefits for your physical and mental health. For example, getting your hands dirty in the soil, relaxes you and takes your mind off your daily problems. And, when you’re more relaxed, it directly affects your stress and anxiety levels, the quality of your sleep and rest, among other factors.

One of the main aspects of gardening is the planting of trees and other vegetation. In this way, you contribute to the protection of the environment and the preservation of natural resources. Besides, each plant cultivated is like a little lung that breathes the well-being of the planet.

So, what about having your own vegetable garden at home and growing your own food? Gardening is also an approach to the magic of gastronomy, an opportunity to eat in a healthier way. Still not sure that you want to adopt gardening as a hobby? Below, we list other health benefits of gardening, which can change your mind! So happy reading, and most probably, happy gardening!

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

As mentioned above, immersing yourself in plants at the end of a stressful day reduces anxiety and mental fatigue. Gardening activities have a positive impact on the treatment of depression because they provide relaxation, improve mood and optimize the production of serotonin, a chemical produced in nerve cells that balances your mood and energy. Gardening also helps regulate the concentration of this substance in the body so you can enjoy its benefits.

Decreases the Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Diabetes and Heart Disease | AgaMatrix

Reducing stress also means a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other conditions related to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Improves Your Sleep Quality and Prevents Alzheimer

By reducing levels of cortisol – the stress hormone – sleep patterns are improved, which has a direct influence on a person’s increased relaxation and mental well-being. Gardening also sharpens the mind and keeps the brain alert, especially in memory-related areas.

Adults in their 60s and 70s who garden regularly are 30-45% less likely to develop dementia in later life.

Strengthens the Immune System

When you are in an outdoor space, you receive sunlight, which is a large amount of vitamin D that helps your body properly absorb calcium, a mineral that strengthens bones and allows the immune system to function more effectively.

Burns Calories

How many calories can you burn doing gardening jobs? | The Argus

Gardening is a moderate intensity physical activity. You can burn about 300 calories in an hour spent caring for plants. Coupling this with swimming or morning walks is handy for keeping the body in better condition.

Reduces the Possibility of Osteoporosis

When you perform repetitive movements such as digging and cutting, the muscles and joints of the body regain their natural strength and elasticity. It is also a good cardiovascular exercise.

Increases the Sense of Well-Being

Being surrounded by plants and flowers has a positive impact on your mood. Direct contact with soil, earth and other organic elements helps reduce cases of asthma and various allergies.

So, did you make your mind and decided to adopt gardening as your new hobby? If not, don’t forget to leave a comment below; we would love to read your reasons so we can learn from your perspectives. And if yes, you can also come back to share your experience with gardening so far.

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