8 Plants to Grow That Will Be Perfect for Christmas Time

Nougat of different flavors, gifts for everyone, reunions with the family, cribs and nativity scenes, grapes… Christmas is full of traditions and decorating the house with a Christmas look is one of them. And plants are essential to create a natural Christmas.


Play with the pots. Change the original pots for others of different sizes and textures. Use jute fabrics, burlap or wool in shades of green and red to decorate the containers. You can also make centerpieces by placing a few plants inside a rectangular or circular container. Put in a bed of perlite for drainage and fill in the gaps with a few sprigs of aryconia or eucalyptus.


If there is a plant that symbolizes Christmas is the poinsettia, especially thanks to its vivid red color. In fact, red poinsettias are the best known, but we can also find them in other shades such as pink, white, or yellow, and the most beautiful: the marbled ones.



But, these days, it is no longer the only one. You have no excuse not to fill your home with plants at Christmas. And it’s not that we want to take the spotlight away from the Christmas tree or the Poinsettia, but there are many other winter plants that are perfect for decorating your home (inside and out) during the coldest days of the Christmas holidays.


Nandina or sacred bamboo, Christmas cactus, winter rose or hellebore, mistletoe and holly. And, also, spruce branches, pine, ivy, even heather or a few bunches of red berries. And in today’s article, we will have a look at these other plants. Enjoy!



  1. Christmas rose

The Christmas rose is another winter favorite of ours. Alpine in nature, it is able to withstand snowfall and cold temperatures with ease.


  1. Natural Fir

To keep it year after year, you should make sure when you buy it that it is rooted in its container.


Indoors. Keep it away from direct heat sources: radiators, stoves or fireplaces. Look for the coolest and most ventilated place in the house, if possible, close to the windows. Water every 2 or 3 days with abundant water, so that it reaches the roots. Do it in two batches and spray the branches to maintain humidity.


Outdoors. Once the holidays are over, the most important thing is to find a place outdoors. If you are going to transplant it in the garden, do it in a sunny spot. Dig a hole 0.5 to 1 meter wide and 0.50 to 0.70 meters deep. Put gravel and water and mix the soil we have extracted with universal substrate. Extract the root ball, put it in the hole and fill it with the enriched soil.


  1. Christmas Cactus

The Hatioa Rosea cactus is also known as the Christmas cactus because of its flowers. The Christmas cactus is beautiful all year round with its fleshy leaves but the fact that it blooms only in December makes it very special for decorating for the Christmas holidays.


  1. Snowdrop

These beautiful snowdrops bloom on the coldest days of winter. It is a herbaceous plant that you can have perfectly in pots on the terrace. It is a very easy bulb to grow.


  1. Holly

The deep red of the holly’s fruit and the green of its leaves make the branches of this plant one of the most decorative for Christmas. Holly is a hardy shrub that will look great in your garden year-round.


  1. Mistletoe

The interesting thing about mistletoe is that it is a parasitic plant, living on the branches of trees such as apple and poplar. In the Middle Ages, it was believed to have magical and healing properties. The Celts believed it promoted fertility and love, hence the Anglo-Saxon tradition of kissing under the mistletoe branch.


  1. Nandina


Also known as Sacred Bamboo, Nandina is native to Asia and although not one of the most well-known Christmas plants, the red branches are ideal for decorating the table at Christmas.


  1. Cyclamen

Now in December you will see all the flower shops and nurseries with beautiful pots full of Cyclamen. They range in color from white to deep red and will give you flowers all winter long.


There you go! If you want to cultivate plants in your garden that will be great for Christmas, the list above is what you need. Do you know any other plants, ideal for Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.


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