5 Things Things To Know About Landscaping


Your home is where you spend most of your time apart from your workplace, and you deserve the best when it comes to your living space and home. That’s why you should consider landscaping your lawn and garden because it’s a great addition to your already perfect home. Now you may be wondering why you should do such a thing?

Don’t worry, because we’re here to answer all your questions. The answer is because you can and because you’ll be doing yourself some good while increasing the resale value of your home. Read on to learn about the benefits of landscaping your lawn and garden. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially in these uncertain times, but your future self will thank you, and it will be your new abode.

1. What is it?


Landscaping means improving your property’s soil, either to make it more practical or more aesthetically pleasing. Landscaping improves the appearance of your property and adds a sense of vitality and value. It is a way to showcase your property and let it speak for itself.

Landscaping usually involves changing the exterior design of an area, the plants, or even the entire architecture. However, landscaping is not the same as gardening; part of landscaping is gardening, but it is not the be-all and end-all of landscaping, and we need to separate the two in our minds.

Although they are similar in some ways, gardening focuses on plants and flowers, while landscaping focuses heavily on the design and maintenance of an entire area. Anyone can create a garden, but it takes skill and time to create a design for a particular landscaping project. Although this is tedious work, it has many benefits and is worth your time in the long run.

2. Priorities

Create a list of needs and wants, and consider who will use your landscape and how they will use it. Do you want to use your landscape to:

    • Create a playground for the children
    • Grow vegetables
    • Create a porch
    • Keep pets
    • Create an entertaining outdoor space
    • Create a swimming pool
    • Just enjoy the gardening

If you don’t like the look of your landscape right now, rely on temporary solutions for now. Drawing conclusions about your landscape too quickly can lead to decisions that won’t work in the long run. Try temporary solutions like annuals, fast-growing ground covers that you don’t care about in the long run, or even mulch to cover an area while still figuring out what you want.

3. Site analysis


Every landscaping job starts with a site analysis and noting all the key elements that may affect the design later on. Starts with the basic sizes and shapes of your future landscape. Make sure that you note all the distinctive features of the garden, such as slopes and peaks, as they will help you later down the line.

Create a list of things that already exist in your garden or backyard, and you should separate the items in terms of reuse, recycling, and what needs to be changed. You should also analyze drainage patterns and ensure that you test the soil for moisture. This will help you determine where to or not to group plants according to their specific water needs.

4. Climate/Environment

Remember that the specific conditions in your landscape may vary depending on the amount of sunlight and length of the shade. Properly placed plants can also be used to change the environment, as ambient temperature, light conditions, sound, and wind are significantly affected by the trees and plants in a landscape.

5. Design


When deciding on a specific theme for your garden and landscape, start by looking at the architecture of your home and its surrounding. Try to complement the lines and style of your humble abode’s architecture in your landscape and use a focal point, such as a new or existing sculpture or a beautiful plant/tree. Choosing an overarching style or theme can unify your landscape and help you with plant placement and selection.

Consider whether you want lots of clean, geometric shapes, softer lines, specific colors, or an overarching theme such as a flourishing garden. Also, look at your garden from the windows you use every day, such as the family room, kitchen, and bedrooms, to see which parts of the landscape have the most impact.

Looking for help?

Your property deserves the best and nothing less. You should leave the installation of a deck and landscaping design and maintenance in the hands of professionals. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Land Sculpture Design & Construction are the leading experts in residential and commercial landscaping.

So, if you live in Victoria, Australia, and need professionals to fix your lawn, then you know who to call; they offer immaculate service and do this with a smile. So, why wait? Give your home the makeover it deserves and enjoy your landscaped garden; Land Sculpture Design & Construction will make your dreams become a reality, so call them now!


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