What Work Should Be Done To Brighten Up A Green Space?


The development of green space can quickly turn into a disaster without knowledge or expertise. The professional in the development of green spaces is the landscaper; he conceives and realizes projects to develop a garden, a park, or any other space. What are then the works that a landscaper realizes to brighten up a green space?

What are the types of landscaping of green space?


There are two types of landscaping work: planting work and decorative construction. Nothing beats a colorful flowerbed to brighten up a green space all year long. On the other hand, it seems more difficult to enjoy a flowery garden when the temperatures during spring start to drop.

It is then possible to play with different varieties of plants in order to accumulate blooms from one season to another, thwarting the traditional winter break that tends to put a green space to sleep. With the advice of a competent and experienced landscaper, it is easier to have a flowery exterior all year round. The landscaper also assists in the planting of trees and flowering shrubs.

Decorative constructions on a green space

To brighten up green space, it is possible to consider building a swimming pool. The pool is always synonymous with pleasure and radiance in a small space or a large garden. It requires a well-thought-out layout to enjoy it fully. With the desire for a green space that is very pleasant to live in, the pool requires adequate materials with a natural aspect and an important resistance to climatic hazards in order to last in time.

What is the maintenance of green space?

In order to keep a green space always brightened up, it is imperative to carry out maintenance work such as

    • Lawn mowing
    • Maintenance of the paths
    • The clearing of undergrowth
    • Pruning
    • Tree cutting
    • Hedge and shrub trimming.

Brightening up your green space: Tools for the work


When we undertake work to brighten up green space, it is necessary to use a number of tools. On the one hand, the tools for landscaping work, and on the other hand, those used for maintenance.

Tools for landscaping work

To carry out landscaping work on green space, the basic tools are :

    • A crowbar to dig holes in the hard earth to place a stake
    • A hoe to scrape the soil and weed it
    • A spade to loosen the soil
    • A vibrating plate compactor to compact the soil or pave
    • A line to draw straight lines and align hedges perfectly
    • A fork with its tines to crumble the soil, whether it is hard or clayey, to aerate it
    • A scraper to clean the soil properly before and after the work
    • A shovel to dig holes and fill them up but also to level the ground
    • A pickaxe for stump removal, weeding, ridging, or digging planting holes
    • A rake for leveling the ground and raking leaves.

Tools for maintenance work


For the maintenance of green spaces, the landscape gardener must be equipped with:

    • An edger to cut tall grass and weeds
    • A brush cutter to weed, clear shrubs, and clear the land
    • A pole pruner to prune a tree while remaining on the ground thanks to its telescopic pole
    • An ax for splitting wood or felling a tree
    • A pruning saw to saw by hand and cut branches in places inaccessible to a chainsaw
    • A hedge trimmer for trimming hedges and shrubs
    • A lawnmower to cut tall grass on a lawn quickly
    • A chainsaw to prune or cut down a tree.

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