Indoor Plants; 7 Creative Ideas To Display

Indoor plants are overtaking the world- people realize their importance. Now, you cannot place them here and there; it is important to get creative and to put them on the appropriate display. In this article, we will discuss the creative ways you can display your indoor plants…

1. Terrariums

Creative Ideas To Display Your Indoor Plants
Creative Ideas To Display Your Indoor Plants

Terrariums are among the most stylish display (according to me). It gives greenhouse vibes to your indoor plants. I would recommend using a glass structure, a jar, or a fish tank. The dimension depends on what you want to put in there; if you have a lot of plants and want to space them out, you may opt for something larger, but do not choose a large one if you have a few plants as it may appear odd.

There are a lot of decorations that you may want to add, for example, pebbles or figurines.

2. Conservatory Rooms

This is exactly what it sounds like; another room. They are meant for plants that may be too big or that you do not want ‘inside’ because they take too much space. This option is only possible for people who have extra space or a room with a lot of sunlight. Those who plan to build a conservatory room do so in glass so that the plants receive enough sunlight.

3. A Wall Of Indoor Plants

This is by far the most original way of displaying indoor plants. What’s better than a wall full of plants? Nothing, you are right. This display will allow you to fill your house with color and life. And, it is very easy to convert a simple, bland wall into a fantastic one. You can look for an automatically irrigated or place several pots that you will water occasionally.

4. Garden Bedroom

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While most indoor plants remain in the kitchen or hallway as it is somehow not recommended to have plants in the bedroom, this is an urban myth that you will have carbon dioxide poisoning, as photosynthesis only occurs when there is a source of light not take in co2. Still, it may release, but the fact that you can put a plant in a bedroom signifies that it is not big enough to produce that much co2 to induce co2 poisoning.

You can do a little research if you are a bit worried, or you may opt for an air purifiers plant.

5. Plain Glass Jars

The best thing about plain glass jars is that they provide transparency. You can see the top and also the root. You can do so with mason jars or any other that you may think will fit the purpose. This is not as glamorous as the other options, but they are not to be left out.

6. Garden Bed

I know that you might think a garden bed is made for outdoor gardens, but it can be incorporated indoors. Look for a bed that is the height of your waist. This height will allow you to care for your plants easily and for them to have sunlight.

7. Magical Garden

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Do you want a fairy garden? I got you. You can start with your pots or buy some that are more appropriate for the concept. Add little accessories like houses, doors, and figurines. You can inspire yourself from the net and see how moss is present in most models, so you may want to include some moss in your garden.

There are numerous ways to incorporate your garden inside of your house, and I guess that you may have found an interesting way within our list; let us know in the comments which ways you have decided to go with…

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