The Budget to Install an Automatic Watering System

Owning a garden is interesting because this space is a real place of relaxation. However, the garden must be in good shape to fulfill this function. Garden maintenance is usually a pleasant moment. However, it can become a time-consuming chore that requires considerable effort. This is the case for watering, primarily if your garden covers a large area. The choice of an automatic watering system then becomes essential.

Why an Automatic Sprinkler?

Far from being a simple whim, the choice for automatic watering meets a real need for practicality. Moreover, automatic watering is a concept that allows you to save money, whether it is in terms of water consumption or the cost of the gardener’s services. Opting for this system allows you, among other things, to save up to 50% on your annual water bill, which is far from negligible.

What Are the Elements to Consider When Installing an Automatic Watering System?

The installation of an automatic watering system must be the subject of a specific study to meet your needs and the configuration of your garden perfectly. It cannot be improvised but requires the intervention of a specialist.

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Automatic Sprinkler System?

It isn’t easy to clearly define the cost of installing an automatic watering system for a garden. Indeed, the installation is done in several steps, and the definition of its cost requires the consideration of several elements.

The Realization of a Technical Study

Before starting the work, a detailed plan of the system to be installed must be made. To do this, it is essential to determine the watering needs of the garden (frequency, quantity, flow rate, pressure), the type of installation (underground or surface system), the essential accessories (pipes, solenoid valves, programmers), and the layout of the equipment to perfectly square the garden.

The cost of this study varies according to the garden’s size and the installation’s complexity. For this, count between 150 and 400 euros.

The Essential Equipment

To install an automatic watering system, it is also necessary to consider the model but also the different elements:

  • The pump for a price between 200 and 500 euros;
  • The programmer for 500 euros;
  • The solenoid valve which costs about 50 euros;
  • The suction kit for 50 and 100 euros depending on the model.
  • The buried system

An automatic underground watering system is mainly used for large gardens, especially to maintain the lawn. Its installation requires the digging of trenches to bury the turbines and all the piping, following a pre-established plan. This allows to optimize the watering by squaring the whole surface to be watered, but also not to make the garden ugly (by hiding the pipes). Its complex installation requires the intervention of a specialist at the cost of between 100 and 1,500 euros.


The Drip System

This system is especially appreciated for its economic potential, specially designed to water vegetable gardens, fragile flowers, and hedges. Indeed, the installation consists of pipes on which drippers are placed. In this case, the water is deposited directly at the feet of the plants, thus avoiding any waste. For this installation, count between 20 to 100 euros for each pipe with a dripper.


Micro-Sprinkler Irrigation

This type of watering reproduces the effects of fine rain, which allows for uniform watering over a large area. It is especially suitable for plant species that require special maintenance. This system is very economical and requires the installation of surface sprinklers for a price that can reach 150 euros.

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