How Can I Turn My Terrace Into A Garden? (Part 2)

Many people who have a balcony don’t realise how much you can do with this space. All it takes is some creative thinking and an understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the unique climate of a particular balcony to really enhance your apartment lifestyle and feel like you’re getting the most out of your garden, even if you live in a concrete block.


Create Your Garden

Once the draft has been made (explained in the first part of this article), it’s time to start working. First, buy the plants and furniture you want to put and springs, ponds, garden figures or others, such as irrigation systems. However, what is currently only available on paper or in a data file will be realised. Here are some ideas to make it easier for you:


Path with Stones

The stones in a garden can be a decorative element without equal. There are many types and sizes, so depending on where you want to place them, you can choose flat, rounded, and large like the one in the picture above or others with a slightly irregular shape. Still, it makes the footprints comfortable once buried and exposed; it flatters the face.


Plant-Resistant Species

This is advice that we give a lot on the blog, but it is from experience one of the most important things that must be considered when you have a garden, either on a terrace, on a patio, or a balcony. So, you should know that there are plants that resist heat and cold, others that resist drought, and others highly recommended for windy areas, for example. If in doubt, our advice is to look at the plants in your area and the nurseries (look at the ones they have outside, not inside the greenhouses).


Integrate the Stairs in the Garden

Going up or downstairs without plants is not the same as doing it with them. Of course, if the steps are narrow, you do not need to put pots in them, but they can be hung on the wall or even in a garden arch or pergola.


Consider Putting Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to having an elegant green corner. If you have children, they will surely love to lie on it 😉. The most exciting thing is that it does not require as much maintenance as natural grass, so in the end, it turns out to be cheaper because you do not have to water it or go through the mower. Anyway, if you are not convinced but still want a green carpet, do not hesitate to look for green alternatives to grass.


Keep the Pool Area Free: Keeping the pool clean is already a high cost of time and money, so to avoid increasing this cost, it is better not to place too many plants nearby, and even less so if they have aggressive roots or tend to shed a lot of leaves. If you want to put plants, we recommend that you choose palm trees (put them at least one meter from the pool, more if they have very long leaves), shrubbery and flowers.


Play with Colours

A rainbow of beautiful colours can liven up the atmosphere on your balcony – especially when garden colours come into play. You can make your terrace have that garden feel by implementing a striped black and white umbrella – a pattern that can continue in a chair’s upholstery. Using a monochrome scheme can give a pop of colour if you spruce up things with lavender flowers, green plants and printed cushions.


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