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You are planning to sell your house, and you want to decorate the outside to give it more style and aesthetics? Why not try an innovative makeover? Try garden staging, a modern garden design technique.

What Is Garden Staging?

Garden staging is an innovative makeover technique for a successful garden design. It is a technique inspired by home staging, a method of renovation and interior design. The garden staging aims to change the entire appearance of the garden to enhance it. The objective is also to make the garden and the whole outdoor space stand out from the neighborhood.

Garden staging is based on landscaping and exterior decoration techniques. It can also be applied to any type of outdoor space (large garden, outdoor patio, yard, or other).

Some Steps of Garden Staging

Tidying up

Since the goal is to enhance the garden, you will first have to eliminate anything that could devalue it. This could be garbage, old tools you no longer use, or anything else. It will also be necessary to put away or even throw away the damaged furniture or broken flower pots that are cluttering up your garden or terrace. To make the exterior look good to the buyers, you will also have to remove all the objects that are too personal or too “original”.

Maintain the Green Space

If you haven’t maintained your lawn or green plants in a while, it’s time to do so. Start by trimming the hedges, weeding, and mowing the lawn. If necessary, you can also do a grassing. The entire garden must also be cleaned.

As for the trees, you can perform pruning work. To help you with the job, you can hire a professional. Alternatively, you can choose to do it yourself to avoid breaking the bank. You can also find a way to save the flowers growing in your garden or plant some if there are none.

Exterior Renovation: A Crucial Step

Now that your garden has been cleared of all clutter and the green space is starting to come back to life, it’s time to focus on the other elements of the property. The neighborhood or potential buyers may find your property “neglected” if the gate is rusty, faded, or the shutters are poorly maintained. Consider painting the gate and doing some sanding. It would be wise to choose neutral colors that match the garden when painting.

You can also give your deck a facelift if you feel it is getting old. If the flooring is tile, you should see if there are any broken tiles and proceed with the replacement. You should also check to see if any elements need to be replaced for wood decks. If necessary, opt for a total replacement of the covering.

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Design and Decoration

Don’t forget that the goal of garden staging is to depersonalize your garden and make it attractive. It is therefore essential to think about how to arrange the space. Study its configuration in detail and imagine the best possible layout. For example, you can choose to create a small play area for the children, a barbecue area, or a small garden lounge if necessary. Keep in mind that the client must have the possibility to design the place as he wants. This is why you must bet on neutrality.

Don’t hesitate to invest in decoration to make the garden more dynamic. Depending on your garden and the style you want to adopt, you will choose the flower pots, furniture, accessories, and lighting. You will thus enjoy an aesthetic outdoor space.

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