Top 5 Decorative Seeds

For more originality, decorate your home differently by adding a natural touch. Decorative seeds are a great option. Discover 5 of them in the following article.

The Large Pine Cone

The pine cone is made up of sturdy brown woody scales. Its scales open naturally, giving it a beautiful appearance when ripe and dry. Picked in autumn, it is widely used in interior decoration, especially during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. You can make a lovely Christmas wreath out of pine cones or gather some fruits to make beautiful garlands. The pine cone can be combined with green leaves to create a bouquet and give more style to your interior. It can also be used as a candle holder for Christmas lights. You can opt for velvet lights to bring more elegance and beauty to your room.

The Pope’s Coin

Also called lunar, the pope’s coin represents the form of purple flowers that have the virtues of beautifying your garden. Its seeds are wrapped in a fine fabric tinted with ivory white and are generally used in decoration. You can make a bouquet or integrate them into a floral composition. In all cases, the result will be breathtaking.

The Sapucaia Shell

The sapucaia shell is obtained from a nut tree of Lecythis. It is a kind of coconut from Amazonia. The seeds are contained in a large cooking shell. It can also be used as a flower pot. Dried, this aesthetic pot is much sought after in decoration. Thus, you can dress up your flowerpot with it, especially since its dark brown color goes well with the green plants of the garden. Apply a coat of varnish and place it on the edges of your terrace, for example. Also, with its beautiful bell shape, the sapucaia shell can be used as a candle holder or lantern.

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Jacaranda Pods

The jacaranda is a tree native to tropical America. Its pods show a light woody tone that is very beautiful inside. This wood is very popular with cabinetmakers because of its marbled color and its particular hardness. Moreover, it produces fruits with shells and beautiful flowers. These can be used in interior and exterior decoration. You can decorate your photo frame with these beautiful shells. It is also possible to combine it with other decorative seeds like dried chickpeas, mucuna sloanei seeds, etc.

The Bolsa de Pastor Shell

The capsella bursa-pastoris known as pastor’s purse, is a herbaceous plant with hull fruits. After drying, it gives beautiful rough shells of natural color. They are a decorative element in their own right for your home. For this purpose, assemble each shell to provide a decorative ball. Of course, you can also use this shell for other decorative options.

Mucuna Sloanei Seeds

Mucuna sloanei is a tropical plant that belongs to the fabaceae family. It can be found in Africa, tropical America, and the Pacific Ocean islands. The bunches of felurs that compose it will give big seeds with multiple benefits, including the treatment of sterility, depression, apathy, etc. Once dried, these discoid seeds of blackish tone tinged with dark brown constitute authentic decorative ornaments.

Mucuna sloanei seeds | Oeil de boeuf, Graine, Fleurs jaunes

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