Why Do You Need Drip Irrigation in The Garden?


Gardening is one of the most relaxing hobbies that I know. It feels so rewarding when you get to enjoy the products of your effort. I find it amazing when you harvest, and when you share it around you, it brings a feeling of satisfaction and pride. Am I the only one who feels that way? No, I don’t think so. But this happy feeling vanishes as soon as you get your water bill. You may even think about abandoning gardening.

What to do? Nutrients and carbohydrates must be transported from the soil to the plants, which requires water. At some time, all plants will face water scarcity or drought. In rare situations, this can be lethal or drastically inhibit the growth of those plants. Plants that have been subjected to a lengthy drought may become vulnerable to pests and diseases.

I have a solution for you. Have you ever heard of drip irrigation? Drip irrigation, also known as trickle irrigation, is a system where water flows by droplets directly into the soil to avoid water wastage.

Why Adopt Drip Irrigation? 

macro shot of water drop

1. Save Water (And Money)

As mentioned earlier, drip irrigation will distribute water directly to the roots zone, which will allow the water to get to the roots more rapidly. This means that you won’t need too much water for irrigation as nothing will be wasted in evaporation.

Drip irrigation will allow you to save from 30 % to 70 % of water during irrigation, which means a less expensive water bill.

2. Save Time

Most of us are very busy with work and the house and sometimes the last thing that we care for is in the garden (unfortunately). So, if you have drip irrigation, you won’t need to bother to water your plant.

No hose is required, and you won’t feel guilty about forgetting to switch it off. Most drip system comes with a timer. Even if you do not opt for a system with a timer, there will be not much wastage even if you remember to shut it off after 10 minutes, as the water goes by droplets.

3. Healthier Crops

Who does not want a thriving and green garden? Drip irrigation will help you achieve this, as all your plants will receive water equally. Thus they will grow more quickly, and the plants will produce more.

Did you know that they may develop fungal diseases when you over-water your plants as they will find themselves in overly moist conditions? There are a lot of other conditions that can be developed when a plant is over-watered, so you want to opt for a dripping system.

Drip irrigation in Obregon | Hugo Gomez of the Global Wheat … | Flickr

4. Fewer Weeds

This seems like a dream; fewer weeds to pull. Who doesn’t want that? I want that. As the drip system distributes water directly to the roots, it does not nourish the weeds, and the lack of water will kill them.

5. Installation

Dripping systems are easy to install and adjust. There are many systems options; you will have to choose according to the garden you have. It does not require much plumbing knowledge, and almost anyone can install the system by reading the instructions.

You can also change the equipment to meet your plant needs. Whenever your plants get bigger or add plants, you will change your system accordingly.

You and your plants will love drip irrigation. For gardeners, it is a relief for the wallet; you will be able to continue your favourite activity without breaking the bank. Your plants will thank you by providing you with better vegetables or flowers. In the comments, let us know what you think of the drip irrigation system and if you are willing to install one in your garden…

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