5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Hanging Baskets Blooming

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A hanging basket has different advantages; it allows for planting in a very creative container while still having a lot of soil space to plant even more plants. They are being used to spice up patios or porches, and if you want to brighten up yours too, I would recommend you keep on reading…

If you are not unfamiliar with hanging baskets, you may already know that the plant starts to fade away; in the article, we will teach you how to keep your plants blooming.

1. The Right Location

One of the most considerable mistakes is the location of the hanging basket. Just as any other way of planting, placement is very important. The placement will depend on the type of plant that the basket contains. Some love an all-day sunny location, and others prefer a shady porch.

Make sure that you read the plants’ labels and do supplementary research to make sure you are providing the most to your plants.

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2. Light Fertilizers

Unfortunately, plants in containers and baskets are stuck with the soil they are planted in. They cannot extend their roots to search for nutrition and vitamins elsewhere, so you will have to provide them with adequate nutrition yourself.

To have good results from fertilizing, you should do so regularly. For best results, use a combination of long-term, slow-release fertilizers mixed into the top layer of soil – and light doses of liquid fertilizer watered into the soil every few weeks.

There are different fertilizers, so better choose what’s best for the plant you have. Read more about the correct way of fertilizing to make the most of your fertilizers.

3. Watering

Did you know that hanging basket plants dry out quicker than rooted plants? This is due to the wind and other elements that your plants hanging are more exposed to. Irregular watering is the worst thing you can allow your plants to go through. This will only stress them making them dry.

You should water your plants every day and be consistent with it. I would recommend you do it early in the morning so that you do not get caught up in the trouble of the day and forget about it, but it also allows your plant to get enough water to face the heat of the day.

4. Freshen up

If you have old flowers in your hanging basket or parts that are slowly decaying, I recommend you freshen up the basket a bit to allow the other parts to have enough space to bloom and have a better look. 

Some plants will use all energy and resources to repair a fragile part of the plant preventing the other parts from blooming. So, if there are decay parts, better remove them. 

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5. Larger Baskets – Better Success

There are a lot of baskets available on the market, and some people like the cute little baskets, but I would recommend buying large baskets. You should give them the proper size and space for them to grow. 

Many people are fast to adopt hanging baskets but then fail because they choose small baskets. Choose a 35 cm large or depth basket; anything less than that will not provide the plant with enough room to grow the root as it should, and the plant will eventually die in a month or two. 

If you have small baskets already, do not worry, you can transplant the plant into a larger basket. 

If you want to save space and have an aesthetic garden adding some hanging baskets will only be advantageous. In the comments, let us know what you think about the new garden trend… 


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