Design Your Garden With Carpentry

Carpentry is the set of methods for making and assembling parts, usually of wood, into usable products. It is both an art and a craft that has lasted for centuries. It is now more diversified, and the material used is not limited to wood (aluminum, PVC and other materials can be used). At the moment, carpentry is much more developed; it does not remain in the artisanal manufacture and enters the modern sectors by realizing complex projects. However, it is mainly found in home decoration. It is not new to make a beautiful garden decorated with wooden pieces.

Different Ideas for Garden Carpentry

In the design of a garden, several pieces of furniture and accessories go with it. There are wooden decks. They are easier to install than cement decks, for example. No matter your house’s style, wooden decks go with any style. And if you have children, it’s less dangerous because it’s not slippery.

Fencing the garden with wood is not new. It is an excellent way to protect the flowers or the vegetable garden and prevent intruders’ entrance. In addition, they offer a beautiful design with natural elegance. The trellis is an assembly of wood to give a grid. It is a lovely outdoor decoration and ideal for hanging and supporting various plantations.

However, you can always use it as you wish or leave it empty; it still offers a nice decoration. In addition, the pergola provides shade and protects against sunburn, whether in the garden or terrace. It is very friendly and warm. The outside wooden claustra is an element used as a separator and in decoration. It can also serve as a separation between the lawn and the terrace. It is also possible to have shelter in a garden. It is a small shed to be used as a depository of materials and place the DIY tools or garden.

The Advantages of Wood Joinery in a Garden

Wood remains a robust material in construction. It is known for its durability and energy performance. A garden decorated with wood has all its qualities.

First of all, it is aesthetic. Wooden products are visually warm and friendly. It also brings a touch of nobility. We do not put aside its more natural appearance that fits the garden. Having a garden decorated with wood joinery helps in the preservation of nature. Besides its natural side, wood is composed of carbon, which helps fight against global warming.

We are indeed afraid of a fire in the garden, during a barbecue, for example, as soon as we talk about wood. Accidents are possible. However, compared to other materials, wood protects from fire. Its combustion is slow and regular. The layer of charcoal that forms during the burning process acts as a shield. As a result, the frame of your pergola or deck will remain intact.

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The Disadvantages of Wood Joinery

Although wood is a very aesthetically pleasing element, its drawbacks are usually maintenance and price. Wood requires frequent maintenance to keep its color and luster. Some materials, such as exotic wood will fade when in contact with water. We must not forget the insects that attack wood, such as termites and carpenter ants. These can be removed by logging or spraying with insecticide. Compared to other carpentry materials, wood is more expensive because of labor. Moreover, the manufacturing time is long compared to aluminum or PVC.

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