Why Create a Green Wall at Home?

The plant walls have been a new trend in recent years. Simple and attractive, they renovate your living environment and make it unique. For this simple reason, many homes have adopted this type of trend in their plot. However, aside from these classic benefits, what are the reasons that could push to install a green wall at home?

A Solution to Improve Your Health

The use of the plant wall in concessions is a recurrent trend in several regions worldwide. Its adoption has many benefits that can improve the balance of your life. First of all, the installation of the plant wall invigorates the interior of your dealership. Specifically, the plant wall brings vegetation into your living environment.

Thus, your inner being will be more in communion with nature, and you will be able to feel better. Then, with the plant wall, you can purify the atmosphere of your house. For example, by including plant species such as the dragon tree or the English ivy, you have the possibility of depolluting the air of your concession. This benefit provides fresh air with enough oxygen for the well-being of your lungs.

Plant Wall: A Perfect Thermal Insulator for the House

Thermal insulation is an important parameter to consider when designing a house. When it’s flawed, the compound’s inhabitants will have enough trouble withstanding the effect of bad weather. So, to solve this problem, you can resort to the plant wall. Indeed, since it is essentially made up of plant species, the plant wall acts as an ideal thermal insulator for your house.

In concrete terms, the plants in the wall regulate the gain and loss of heat or humidity. For example, in times of heat waves, the plant wall absorbs solar radiation and reduces the presence of heat in the house. Thus, you can easily pass the hot weather without any constraints. It is thus evident that the plant mulch constitutes thermal insulation of quality for your house.

Plant Wall: An Alternative to Creating Calm in the House

The green wall is not only a barrier limiting the effect of bad weather in your house. Besides that, you can also use this type of facade to limit the noise in your home. Indeed, the piling up of vegetal species along a wall forms phonic insulation that slows down the range of the noises. This way, you can keep the interior of your home quiet. But, if you live close to a street, you can limit the noise of cars with this option.

To optimize the airtightness of your green wall, you will have to include some specific species. For example, add plants such as ficus, philodendron, or even dragon trees. With such species, you will easily limit noise and create quietness in your home.

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Plant Wall: A Better Idea to Beautify the House

The reasons mentioned above are not the only ones that may lead you to install a green wall in your house. In addition to the elements mentioned above, you should know that the plant wall is also a good idea for decoration. Indeed, you can use it to embellish the exterior of your house.

By including flowers, for example, you can easily attract the admiration of your entourage. Moreover, you can make an indoor plant wall to energize your living room or bedroom. Choose decorative or depolluting species to make your indoor plant wall in this case. With species with good scents and attractive flowers, you are sure to renovate the interior of your home effectively.

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