What Types of Plants to Choose for a Small Garden?

It is not easy to plant in a small area. However, this should not prevent you from enjoying a garden with several varieties of plants. A few parameters must be taken into account to gain space. The choice of plants is one of the most important criteria for a good design of a small garden. Here are a few types of plants to choose from.

Favour ground cover plants

Ground cover plants are ideal for a dense look in a small area. Their tapering and creeping characteristics help limit the growth of weeds. You can plant :

thyme ;
perennial geraniums ;
roses ;
ivy, etc.
Opt for tapered plants

These types of plants are characterized by their narrow appearance. Choose:

Pyramidalis ;

Focus on plants with rewarding flowering

Choose long-blooming plants such as Sedums, Alcea, Geranium Rozannes, or Parks Rondell. You can also opt for double flowers that last longer, like Leucanthemum or double primrose.

Focus on foliage plants

Although foliage plants are very persistent, they are aesthetically durable. It’s essential to devote 30% of your garden to these plants to ensure a pattern of greenery throughout the seasons. You can opt for:

Variegated (variegated lamium, variegated periwinkle, etc.) ;
Tree ivy;
Mexican orange trees.

To arrange them correctly, do not hesitate to seek the services of a specialist in garden design.

Prioritize multi-attracting plants

To keep your small garden busy in a rewarding way, choose plants with two or three sets. Indeed, they have a decorative and exotic appearance with condiment and medicinal properties. These include:

golden oreganos (combination of condiment and variegated foliage) ;
roses (combination of flower and perfume);
flowering apple trees (decorative fruit).
Don’t forget about stemmed shrubs

With this type of shrub, you can grow other plants at its base in the same area. This way, you can save more space and install a mini-golf course in your garden if you wish.

Think about vertical plantings

Several supports are available to you to have vertical plantings: a wall, a fence, a grill, etc. This allows you to plant decorative climbers, fruit species, trellises, and vines. Designing a pallet plant wall is a good example. It is used to place plants in root ball. You can diversify your plantings with:
vegetables ;
herbs ;
peppers ;
cucurbits, etc.
In addition, don’t forget to set up hanging baskets in the trees, planters, and pots along the wall to get a greenish look with flowers.

Choose seasonal plants

Plants with successive appeals allow you to make the most of your small patch of land. Thus, you can enjoy a varied show for each season:

for winter: white birches, sarcococcas; cyclamen ;
for spring: hyacinths, wood anemones, crocuses;
for summer: lavender, yarrow, perovskias;
for fall: Virginia creeper, viburnum, serviceberry.
Avoid plants that are difficult to contain
Avoid opting for plants that are difficult to maintain and proliferate. Examples include:

Elaeagnus used in hedges;
thorny plants such as Berberis or thorn bushes, etc.
Call a landscape gardener to advise you if you have trouble distinguishing these plants.

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