4 Tall Indoor Plants For Your Home

Plants are becoming increasingly popular as ornamental plants. Several species can live peacefully on flat land, but if you are looking for tall and impressive species, here is a list.

When it comes to plants, always remember that they are not accessories but living organisms with specific needs. So, before you decide which plants to fill a room with just because they are “fashionable,” there are a few considerations to consider, especially with larger plants. First, ask yourself if there is enough space to accommodate them. If not, it could create a green oasis and fall back on many smaller plants. Then, determine the essential elements for plant life: brightness and humidity. Finally, consider your lifestyle: can you take care of them? Are you often away from home for long periods? Do you particularly enjoy gardening? Do you have any pets in your home? Only if you think you qualify for all of these can you go out and buy a large houseplant.

1) Ficus Benjamin

This evergreen shrub, common in Australia and Southeast Asia, can survive in dark rooms and thoroughly purify the air. It does not require extreme care, prefers a warm, humid environment, and is grown in large pots with holes.

2) Sansevieria

Looking for a plant that can be casually displayed? Keep it simple and put it all on the Sansevieria. This perennial with green and striped leaves has only one philosophy: maximum yield with minimum effort. It can be placed in any environment without hesitation, including apartments, gardens, and balconies. This plant does not need much light and will grow in dark environments, but it must be kept away from heat sources and watered sporadically. It symbolizes resistance, strength, and tenacity and purifiesthe air of pollutants and carbon dioxide. Moreover, there are several variations, each one larger than the last. Sansevierias range from a minimum of 30 cm to a maximum of 1 m, not to mention the different prices at the time of purchase depending on size.

Sansevieria Zeylanica - FloraStore

3) Monstera Deliciosa

Another large houseplant is the Monstera deliciosa. You’ve probably seen it on Instagram or Pinterest, given that it is one of the coolest and most popular plants right now. Its iconic large heart-shaped leaves, height of up to 20 meters, and bright green color will charm even the least gardener. Although it does not flower, this evergreen brightens up even the darkest and dreariest apartment and catches the eye of all with its exotic charm.

Living quietly indoors, the Monstera needs plenty of indirect light, a temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius, and as far as watering is concerned, once a week in the warmer months and once every 10 to 15 days in the winter, always making sure that there is no stagnation in the pot. Also, large leaves should be washed and sprayed regularly. Again, this is a plant with many advantages, as Monstera can absorb pollutants from the air.

4) Dracaena

A plant that definitely deserves to be on this list is the dracaena, also known as the dragon tree. Native to the tropics, it is found in Africa but is now also found in flatlands worldwide. Given its origin, dracaena prefers a warm, humid environment and cannot tolerate temperatures below 25°C (77°F). It should be exposed to optimal sunlight, but direct sunlight is not allowed. This plant needs water, but not too much, so it is best to adapt it by allowing it to touch the ground. In nature, there are several variations, the largest of which is about 10 meters high.

Dracaena Janet Craig - FloraStore

Which of these tall plants will you choose for your indoor space? Let us know in the comments below!

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