Tree Wellness in Your Garden, What Do You Need To Know?

As living beings, it is essential to take care of the trees in your garden. Having some knowledge on how to care for them to avoid mistakes that could kill them is therefore very useful. What do you need to know?

Knowing the Age of the Tree Is Important

For its health and your safety, you must know the age of the tree. As the tree ages, it will not be as strong as it once was. The tree may not support the numerous branches that dance in the wind.

Sanitary Maintenance of Trees


You cannot neglect this treatment if you want your trees to grow well. Its adaptation to its new environmental condition should not be taken lightly for young trees. It is still necessary to contact a pruner to know the tree’s age and how high the cut should be done to avoid killing the plant.

Indeed, there are essential norms to know and to follow to proceed with the pruning. It is also important to remember that there is a distinction between severe and gentle pruning when it comes to pruning. The latter is the most recommended because it will give a balanced bearing and a beautiful tree silhouette, keeping the initial shape.

For the well-being of the trees, it is necessary to adopt a beautiful aesthetic while not losing sight of the conditions required to maintain the trees in good health. It is then essential to know everything there is to know about how to prune a tree. Your tree pruner will advise you on what to do and avoid after maintenance.


This maintenance method consists of removing dead branches and leaves from the tree. Unlike leaves, branches do not fall off by themselves and could very well be harmful to the tree. Even if pruning and trimming both consist of making cuts on a tree, they have a difference: trimming, which consists of removing branches or twigs, is much more oriented towards the aesthetics of the tree by resizing it.

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A Quick Healing

Whether pruning or trimming, it is essential to ensure that the tree heals appropriately after the cut. This depends on the tools used and the way the cut was made. It is essential to know that if the tree does not heal to less than two centimeters per year, its death is assured. This is all the more reason to contact a good tree trimmer.

The Effect of the Tree’s Well-being on Your Home

The Security

Over time, the tree will no longer support too many branches. Therefore, the branches that can fall put you, your neighbors and passers-by in danger. With the practice of pruning, this risk disappears.

The Health

If the density of branches is too high, the air is blocked. This could cause illness for the tree but also for you. In this aspect, the tree could also become a refuge for insects that would harm human health.

More Aesthetic in the Garden

If the branches are recyclable, you can use them to build something authentic in your garden.

The Right Time to Prune Your Garden

The best seasons are winter and spring. In the spring, a season when leaves and buds are growing back, trees will be in great shape and growing well if you prune them at this time. For the winter, trees are in vegetative rest and can withstand cuts. However, the trees will not withstand the heat of summer for pruning.

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