16 of the Most Common Black Tomatoes to Grow in Greenhouses

These days, one of the important choices of a gardener is what to plant in the greenhouse, what variety to choose so that the family is happy and satiated. Black tomatoes, which come in numerous types, are trending. And today, if you want to learn what the most common black tomato to grow in your greenhouse are, you’ve reached the right place; that’s exactly what we are going to uncover in the article below. Enjoy the reading.

Why Are Black Tomatoes Popular?

  • For their taste! Black tomatoes have a different ratio of acids to sugars. These tomatoes are sweeter and have a fruity flavor.
  • For the color! Of course, there is no such thing as a completely black tomato, but the anthocyanin pigment gives them a much richer and darker color (burgundy, purple or brown).
  • For sweetness! Black tomatoes have a thinner skin and more tender flesh.

Black Tomato Varieties:

  1. Indigo Rose tomatoes are the darkest of the black tomatoes. It is an early variety (95-100 days from germination to fruiting). It reaches a height of 1.2 to 1.5 m. The fruits are dark purple, weigh 30-70 g and are sweet. The Indigo Rose variety was bred at the University of Oregon and in 2014 became the winner of a show in Chelsea, London.
  2. Tomatoes Blue P20 – active variety, indeterminate. Fruits reach 100 g, purple with edge fragments.
  3. Tomatoes Black Moor – a semi-determinate variety (growth up to 1 – 1,2 m), early middle age, intended for greenhouses and open ground. Fruits look like plums, weigh 30 – 50 g, very sweet and tasty.
  4. Tomatoes Black Baron- an indeterminate variety (up to 1.8 m in height), medium early (120 days). The fruit weighs up to 150 – 200 g, fleshy, very tasty.
  5. Tomatoes Black Crimean is an indeterminate variety (growing up to 1.8 m), medium early. The fruit is large, weighs 350 – 500 g, fleshy and delicious. Disadvantage – the fruit is not suitable for storage.
  6. Tomatoes Black Pineapples are indeterminate varieties (up to 1.5 m), medium early. The fruit weighs up to 500 g, fleshy, greenish-brown color, rich, sweet taste.
  7. Tomatoes Black Truffle – medium size (up to 1.5 m), early variety. The fruit reaches 100 – 150 g, reddish brown, fleshy and sweet.
  8. Tomatoes Black bison is an indeterminate variety (tall, up to 1.8 m) with large fruit. The fruit is very large, purple-purple, weighs about 300 g (can reach 500 – 550 g). The taste of the tomatoes is slightly sweet, with an aftertaste of bright fruit.
  9. Tomato Kumato is an indeterminate, medium-early variety (up to 2 m high), intended for greenhouses. The fruits reach 100-150 g, reddish-brown in color.
  10. Tomatoes Black Pear is an indeterminate variety of early middle age for greenhouses. The fruit weighs 50-80 g, brown on the edge.
  11. Tomatoes Russian black is a variety of tall (up to 1,8 m) medium-early tomatoes. The weight of the fruit is 300-400 g.
  12. Tomatoes Black Bunch are indeterminate varieties (up to 1,8 m), medium early for greenhouses. The fruit weighs 37 – 70 g, black, sweet.
  13. Tomatoes Black Prince is an indeterminate, tall, semi-early variety for greenhouses. The fruit weighs 150 – 300 g, brown on the edge.
  14. Tomatoes Gypsy is a medium-early, medium-high variety for greenhouses. The fruit reaches 100 – 180 g, juicy, chocolate color.
  15. Tomatoes Paul Robeson is a medium-early, tall variety for greenhouses. The fruit is large, fleshy, grows up to 250 – 300 g, reddish brown. Varieties and hybrids of black cherry tomatoes
  16. Dancing with Smurfs Tomatoes – a medium-early, indeterminate (1.6 – 2 m) variety. Tomatoes are dark purple with a red tip and weigh 15 to 20 g.

There you are! You now know the most common black tomatoes to grow in greenhouses. How about you? Do you know any other type that we’ve missed? Leave it in the comments below!


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