Relationship Between The Graphic Designer And The Landscape Designer


In the field of landscaping, there are several jobs that are related to it. Despite the difference in the main missions of each of these jobs, they all have a link with architecture and construction. Today, we are going to talk about two jobs that seem to be different, but are, in fact, complementary.

What are a graphic designer and a landscape designer?


At first glance, we can say that a landscape designer’s profession is related to landscaping. However, we will break it down to better understand its main missions. The mission of the graphic designer consists in ensuring, by the use of various data-processing tools, the graphic representation and the treatment of the image. For that, he must respect a graphic charter for conformity of the final document.

As for the profession of landscaper, it is a professional in the development and maintenance of green spaces, as well as arboricultural work in parks and gardens. Therefore, the landscape designer is a mix of both. His role consists mainly in using the computer tool for the graphic representation of any landscaping project.

The main missions of the landscape designer

There are several missions that can be entrusted to a landscape designer. Exercising both the task of a graphic designer and a landscaper, he can be brought to reflect the entirety of a development project. This means that he will make the global analysis of the project while realizing its diagnosis. That in order to conceive and to write the communication of the project.

However, the role assigned to a landscape designer will depend entirely on the training he has pursued. Indeed, some specialize more in small projects, having been trained in a landscape company. On the other hand, others will be able to work on larger projects in relation to public markets, being trained in a landscaping agency. They will then be brought to assist the landscape designer on his missions.

Thus, the computer graphics designer’s role is to assist the landscape designer and transform into graphic drawings the projects and technical solutions for the development of a future landscape project. Working in tandem with the landscape designer, he/she produces plans and images at all stages of a project.

Description of the job of a landscape designer:


With the collaboration of the landscape designer, the landscape designer establishes the plans, constitutes the files related to the works, and supervises the execution of the works. Therefore, he/she must ensure that the work proceeds smoothly until the final acceptance of the project.

The main activities of a landscape designer

    • Initially, he carries out the studies of the project and prepares their implementation. For that purpose:
    • He gathers all the information necessary to understand the study.
    • He identifies the client’s request according to his expectations, his means, as well as his living environment. That for a service near a private individual.
    • It takes note of the call for tender and proposes its candidature. That is for public order.
    • He carries out a complete diagnosis of the site to be developed and deduces the most suitable technical possibilities.
    • He defines the presentation documents of the project in the form of images and texts (sketches, sketches, development plans…).

The landscape designer then manages the files necessary for the realization of project management missions. For that:

    • He elaborates on the administrative parts necessary to the realization of the project (administrative clauses for the private individuals, rules of the invitation to tender, act of commitment…).
    • He also specifies the technical parts necessary for the project, including technical plans of earthworks, networks, irrigation, infrastructures, and plantations…).
    • He must check the adequacy between the achievements and the master project and update the plans of the site, if necessary.

Final thoughts


Within the framework of new construction, the graphic designer and the landscape designer must work in collaboration with the other teams of the building site, which: are the project manager for the house, carpenters for the windows and doors, and carpenters for all that touches the frame, etc. This is for a better rendering of the final work and coherence between the materials used.

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