How to Properly Care for Your Orchids at Home

Caring for orchids

The orchid is a flower much admired for its beauty and is also an excellent choice to complete the decoration of an environment in beautiful vases. Since orchids require little care, you can use them in different rooms of the house or apartment. Many decorators take advantage of their color appeal to bring life and grace to indoor and outdoor settings.

Growing orchids is a hobby for many people, but the lack of information on how to manage the plant hinders its development. Today, we bring you some essential tips on how to care for orchids to decorate the interior, porches, garden, foyer, kitchen and even the bathroom. Happy discovery!

Planting an Orchid

When planting an orchid, prefer terra cotta pots to facilitate water drainage and prevent the plant’s roots from rotting. Here’s how to plant orchids so that your flower grows and thrives in a beautiful and eye-catching way:

1. Place gravel in the bottom of the pot to help drain water;

2. Don’t let the plant grow past the edge of the pot.

3. Complete the vase with a pine knot or a wooden board ;

4. Sterilize scissors before pruning to avoid disease transmission;

5. After pruning, apply cinnamon powder to cure the plant;

6. Pay attention to pests and to fight them, dilute a little detergent in water and spray it on the plant to eliminate the problem.

7. When the leaves become dark, it is a sign that the orchid needs more light when caring for it. Move the vase, for example to shelves.

Orchids are versatile, original and colorful plants that come in many different species. There are more than 20 thousand species of orchids in the world, so it is important to know how to take care of orchids to decorate your shelf and every corner of the house.

How to Care for the Orchid Indoors

It is important to keep the orchid moist to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. Place the orchids near aquariums and humidifiers, or in the vertical garden, this is a good idea, especially if you don’t want your plant to dehydrate when caring for it.

Another tip is to place them in areas where there isn’t strong winds so as not to damage the flowers, and protect the orchids by placing them away from wooden windows or open porches, this is the best way to learn how to care for orchids. Humidity in the bathroom is another ally favorable to the growth of orchids, so you can maximize on that too.

Watering and Fertilization

Watering orchids

Just like the Peace Lily, orchid care also involves watering and fertilizing the plant. Orchids do not adapt to excess water, so it is very important that the vase assembly has effective drainage when learning how to care for orchids. When watering, it is worth using a sprayer to keep the substrate moist and not soggy.

Another important detail on how to care for orchids is quarterly fertilization. Choose chemical fertilizers for indoor environments, as organic fertilizers can attract insects. There are many brands of fertilizers on the market at a very affordable price. You can also have orchids in your garden, but be twice as careful.


When the flowering of the plant ends and the stem begins to yellow, we will have to prune the orchid. To do this, we will look for any shoots growing on the stem and cut above the shoot. In this way, we will ensure that the plant continues to grow from this new growth.

It is important that the stem has leaves, because it is thanks to them that the orchid will be able to bloom again. Finally, we remove the stems and leaves that are dry or yellowish.

You now know more about caring for orchids. What flowers do you already grow in your garden? How does the process differ? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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