Green Wall: A Project That Requires the Intervention of a Professional

A green wall not only beautifies the home but also brings a touch of originality to your decoration. However, like all green spaces and plantations, the green wall also involves maintenance. The choice of plants to integrate should not be taken lightly, and it is also necessary to put in place proper support for the plants and have a good visual appeal. Here are some tips to help you out!

What Are the Questions To Ask?

The main objective of installing a green wall is to create an original and personalized decorative element. This is why it is essential to study the project carefully to obtain a better result. Start by choosing the location of your green wall. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing dangerous about putting plants in a bedroom. Moreover, some varieties have a depolluting effect.

Therefore, installing some in the bedroom allows you to clean the air in the room. Plants also humidify the air, which is an excellent advantage for people with asthma. Ideally, they should be placed close to the window, on a vase holder, or on a shelf. However, avoid placing them in a place exposed to direct sunlight. Favor areas where they can benefit from shade and natural light. The size of the space you have should also be taken into account. The larger the wall, the better the plants will grow

Think also about the installation of the watering and irrigation system. Nevertheless, it is essential to carry out a technical study to determine whether or not your wall allows the installation of this type of plant structure. For this, the intervention of a landscaper is essential. In addition to helping you in the technical study, they will also help you design and realize your green wall.

How To Water a Green Wall?

Watering is a crucial step in the maintenance of plants, especially in the case of a green wall. For green walls, the hydroponic technique is used, which is adapted to above-ground cultures. Due to the lack of soil, water becomes the primary nutrient. Therefore, manual watering is not necessary. The automatic drip system is the most suitable. This way, the roots will not be flooded and will not risk drying out.

There are two different types of watering techniques: the closed circuit and the open circuit. To ensure the feasibility of the work and avoid possible water leaks, it is best to entrust the task to a professional.

Which Varieties of Plants To Choose for a Green Wall?

There are a wide variety of plants suitable for a green wall:


These are the ultimate indoor plants. Ferns are very resistant to the lack of sunlight, as the green walls. There are several varieties of ferns, including Athyrium, Pteris, Cyrtormium falcatum, etc.


Begonias are ornamental plants used since the eighteenth century. Indeed, they are distinguished by their spotted foliage. With proper watering and maintenance, begonias bloom very quickly.

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