Gardening In December


For gardeners, December tends to be a peaceful month, yet there is more work to be done than you may expect. In December, the crisp wintery weather can be both startlingly beautiful and cruelly cold in equal measure.

There is plenty to keep you occupied. Make the most during the dry, crisp winter days to keep things tidy and get a good start on your garden for the spring. In this article, we will discuss different things that can be done in the garden during winter…

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Plants That Can Be Sowed In Winter

For winter use, sow basil, dill, and chives seeds on your windowsill. Allow the strongest seedlings to reach maturity before planting in the spring. Sow winter-hardy salad leaves like the ‘Winter Gem’ and ‘Arctic King’, but make sure to plant them under protection. Sow onion on a sunny windowsill to allow your plant plenty of time to grow.


Direct sow outdoors

You can plant raspberry canes during this period as they are dormant. Depending on the kind, they will produce a nice crop in the summer or autumn; other berry fruits, such as blackberries, can be harvested anytime between now and spring.


Plant strawberry bushes now for a summer harvest of luscious berries. Blueberries make a lovely addition to the fruit garden in the winter. These acid-loving plants are always interesting, with lovely white flowers, tasty berries, and blazing autumn leaves. Try growing blueberries in pots using ericaceous compost if your soil is too alkaline. Plant bare-root gooseberries along with red, white, and black currant plants.


What Else Can Be Done? 

Prepare the soil for next year’s planting by digging over vacant borders. You need to protect your potted plants from the harshest winter weather and group them in the garden’s sheltered area.

Get to work on your pruning! Winter pruning is beneficial to wisteria, some fruit trees, roses, and Japanese maples, to name a few. Take care of the birds by cleaning feeders, stocking up on wild bird food, and ensuring that they have fresh water. To help prevent rusting, wash all of your garden tools and apply linseed oil to the wooden and metal areas. Clear out the garden shed on a dry day in preparation for the spring.

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Many people do not care about their garden when it’s winter, and they have a lot of work to do when spring comes. Fences should be repaired and treated with a wood preservative to keep them from decaying.

You can scrub with a broom or blast with a pressure washer will eliminate slimy patches on the patio and paving. Try a liquid patio cleaner as a simple alternative. After severe autumn gusts, double-check tree ties and stakes to ensure that trees are still secure. As needed, tighten or loosen the knots. Bird feeders and tables should be cleaned and disinfected.


You can also start your compost during winter, continue to gather falling leaves, and place them in leaf bins or compost heaps to decompose. Use the twigs from fruit tree trimming as pea sticks or shred them for your compost bin. Turn your compost piles to mix the components and aid in the decomposition of the contents. Cover the bins with an old carpet or plastic sheeting to keep the compost from being too cold and wet to rot. You can take a look at our compost articles to have the guidelines for the perfect compost. Let us know in the comments if as a gardener you love December or do you prefer when there is a lot to do…

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