Different Types of Gates to Suit Your Fencing Needs

Different Types of Gates to Suit Your Fencing Needs

Have you finally decided to install a fence because you’ve got enough of spying neighbors? Or, is it because of your new dog. No matter what the reason is – safety for your kids or an increase in property value – it is important to note that today aesthetically pleasing fences are a trend which many people are enjoying. Choose the right fence and you’ll enjoy the charm and character it will bring to your garden.

But, there’s one interesting detail that can perfectly harmonize with your fence to create a beautifully crafted exterior architectural style. That’s right, I’m talking about adding a high-quality gate.

A porch railing or pillars cannot capture the essence of a classic home style as much as a high-tech gate. This smart investment will not only make a bold statement but will also merge with the fence design, become one with the landscape and raise the market value of the property.

Standard Gates

Standard GatesA standard gate refers to one built with the same material and in the same style as the fence. Suppose you have a board-on-board privacy fence, your gate will most likely reflect the same design.

Experts have provided some guidelines to “define” what they think how a real standard gate should be.

  • Both the gate and the fence should bear the same height. I’d say a gate that looks much shorter or taller than a fence will definitely look weird, ruining the overall look of the yard.


  • To prevent drooping and warping, the gate should be diagonally braced and for this, you can either use a turnbuckle device or a piece of lumber.


  • The latch system of the gate should be carefully positioned. During the installation process, make sure the latch is placed on the inside of the gate. And, remember to position it high enough and out of the reach of small children.

Specialty Gates

Specialty GatesThe trademark of most specialty gates consists of an automation system, but exceptions exist, where gates are completely manual.

Swing Gates

Swing gates were originally created to reduce the need for humans to constantly open and close the gate and so they were designed to open and close automatically – all thanks to electronic, hydraulic or mechanical devices, also known as swing gate operators.

With a wide range of benefits – ranging from flexibility to fluidity, cost-saving and easy to install – a swing gate is a style of gate that’s been easily integrated in airport terminals, railway stations, homes and even in military spaces.

Rolling and Cantilever Gates

Rolling and Cantilever GatesIf your property is located on hills or if there is limited space at the entrance point to your house, I suggest opting for sliding gates. And, if you are looking for high-quality workmanship, I highly recommend Chainmesh Security Fencing. Located in Melbourne, this company has been providing exceptional expertise and customer satisfaction for over 50 years. When it comes to installing sliding gates, they are specialists.

Rolling Gates

Rolling gates are slide gates that can add a sophisticated touch to your contemporary dwelling. They usually consist of a parallel set of wheels and depend on a range of hardware that you will have to use manually to control the direction of the gate when closing it.

Cantilever Gates

Compared to rolling gates that can be pretty difficult to manage in adverse weather, cantilever gates are now the most popular types of gates that do not come into contact with the ground, thus making them easier to operate.

Despite its increased usage, cantilever gates are very heavy, are said to be very dangerous and have the potential to cause harm to anyone in their way.

For those ready to install a high-quality gate, get in touch with Chainmesh Security Fencing today!












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