9 Ways of Creating Shade in the Garden

In summer, we like to be exposed to the sun all day long, from early morning to late afternoon if possible. However, it is essential to provide good UV protection even in early spring. For this reason, shade is essential in the garden. And it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Here are some simple tips for creating shade in your garden.

1) Parasol

A parasol is the quickest way to create shade in the garden. Bohemian-style umbrellas with tassels and cheerful designs are making a comeback. Stick them in the grass or simply insert them into the base of the parasol to create more shade. Remember that small stick umbrellas must be moved several times daily to create optimal shade.

2) Single Sail

Shade sails can also be used to create shade easily. Shade cloths come in various sizes and are useful not only in the garden but also on balconies. Fasten them to a wall, fence, or balcony railing with rope or strong wire at three points. Not only does it provide shade, but it also creates a cozy outdoor area with heat under the cover in the evenings.

3) Pergolas

Of course, a pergola isn’t something that can be completed in a few minutes, but if you’re a little handy, these canopies make great shade. You can make your own with this DIY pergola project or purchase a ready-made pergola. It doesn’t have to be a fancy structure in your yard, and you can also cover it with vines. This also helps it become a very atmospheric and romantic place to relax or have a long lunch. The most beautiful and well-known climbing plants for pergolas include:

  • Honeysuckle
  • Passion flowers
  • Potato vine
  • Grapevines
  • Clematis

Utopia Wooden Pergola W2.0m x D2.0m | Pergolas

4) Tall Plants and Trees

Tall plants and trees are a natural way to create shade in your yard. They are in full bloom in the summer and can provide shade almost all day long. Small to medium-sized trees such as flowering trees, fruit trees, bokeh maples, and birches are often sufficient. Don’t have room for a tree? Think of taller plants such as bamboo, palm trees, or bananas.

5) Drapes

Want to give your garden a Mediterranean flair? Spread several canvases of rich colors and designs on a line and hang them at the four corners. The number of canvases to hang next to each other depends on the size of your garden or terrace. It does not matter if they are hung in batches. The canvases fluttering in the slight breeze create a more summery atmosphere especially when a ray of light shines through from time to time.

6) Outdoor Canopy

Another classic solution and alternative to the garden umbrella is certainly the outdoor awning. Not only do they keep out the sun, wind, and rain, but they also keep your home cool and out of prying eyes.

Exterior blinds can be fixed, removable, or retractable and can be opened or closed depending on the moment’s needs.

Of course, awnings also have an aesthetic function and are an essential decorative element. Typically, awnings are available in many colors and a wide range of materials, allowing you to give your terrace a creative touch.

7) Expand Your Living Space With a Veranda

For those with big ideas (and a big budget), consider choosing a veranda. This type allows you to look directly onto your terrace or porch from the outside of the house. It creates a lovely indoor-outdoor setting, sheltered from the elements. Of course, there are plenty of smaller, contemporary enclosed patio ideas as well.

Verandas Dorset | Glass, Terrace & Patio Garden Rooms from WRP

Which shade design would you choose for your garden? Let us know in the comments below!

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