Creation of a Vertical Garden

There are many ways to enhance the outdoor decoration. We can mention, for example, the creation of a garden, a vegetable garden, the construction of a cabin, a swimming pool, a pond with a water jet, and the installation of various types of lighting. In this article, we will talk about creating a vertical garden.

Unlike a classic garden, the vertical garden can be adapted to any space (in a small or large outdoor area, on the balcony or the terrace, along the outside wall or the fence). It allows adding an ecological touch to a house. Otherwise, it is the garden model to adopt when living in an urban area.

Whatever the style of exterior decoration desired, the development of a vertical garden can be an essential asset. Its design depends on the type chosen: simple, aesthetic, rustic, etc. A vertical garden can accommodate a vegetable garden, floral plants, climbing plants, etc. However, be aware that the choice of plants and their arrangement can influence the final look of the decoration.

Climbing Plants To Dress up Walls and Posts

The geranium, the French rose, the black-eyed Susan, and the alchemilla are all magnificent climbing plants that you can choose to dress up your exterior walls, tree trunks, or even posts. It is beneficial for a vertical garden and it is also a great way to hide any imperfections on the walls.

However, it is necessary to regularly maintain (prune, trim) this type of plant to prevent it from invading the neighbor’s wall or damaging your walls. In addition, regular maintenance is always necessary to keep the aesthetic side.

Pallets and Shelves for a Personalized Vertical Garden

Using pallets and shelves as a support to create a personalized vertical garden is a good idea. You can paint them with the color(s) of your choice and add drawings. You can also customize a prefabricated garden shelf and make one according to your inspiration (build a hanging shelf, a crate shelf, a floating model, a zigzag shape, etc.).

Then, all you have to do is choose the planters and/or flower pots, also customizable, that appeal to you. Moreover, transforming a pallet into a planter is also part of the current trend in garden decoration. It can be considered the vertical garden par excellence.

To create a small vertical garden in a pallet, you need two pallets (previously treated to prevent the planter from rotting). One pallet is to be dismantled while the other is kept as is. Then, use the large slats from the disassembled pallet to create the bottoms of the planters on the other.

Other Benefits of Creating a Vertical Garden

  • A vertical garden can be used as a shade, windbreak, privacy screen, partition, or sound and heat insulation in the case of green walls.
  • You can have aromatic plants, vegetables, and organic fruits without much maintenance.
  • This type of garden can be set up outside and inside the house (in the kitchen, in a bathroom).
  • Creating a vertical garden is generally inexpensive compared to a real garden.
  • The green wall can be an excellent solution to give a facade a new look.

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In summary, creating a vertical garden provides many advantages such as saving space, a personalized interior and/or exterior decoration, having a stylish green space even in the city, making savings, etc.

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