The Perfect List Of Hard-To-Kill Houseplants


Many hard-to-kill houseplants come to your rescue when you want to add some greenery to your home, even if you don’t have a natural green thumb. Don’t be misled by their fragile looks; they’re tougher than you may expect, and some can even survive abuse.

Bringing plants into the home, whether you are a gardener or not, has a way of freshening up your environment. Aside from being attractive and improving the appearance of your house, there is something about plants that makes us feel at rest. It’s easy to see why many people want lush green leaves in their homes and businesses.


Fortunately, there are various varieties of houseplants that can brighten up your space while requiring minimal maintenance. Although making an effort to care for a plant may be quite gratifying, we realize how simple it is to forget to do so. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top indoor plants that don’t require much care.

First, assess your space: is it a room that receives direct sunshine, indirect sunlight, or remains shady? Plants like yucca, ponytail palm, and jade thrive in bright environments, whereas pothos, prayer-plants, and dracaena thrive in shadier environments.

Artificial plants are ideal if you like to be on the safe side and want a low-maintenance plant. If you’re going to experiment with live plants, check out our selection of the most delicate houseplants!

Paddle Plants

The paddle plant is a very large, circular succulent with pink tips on its leaves. These plants prefer good light, so place it on a sunny windowsill to enjoy the sun to the fullest. 

These plants prefer to be a little more on the dry side, so don’t worry if you forget to water them – they’ll survive!

Lady Palm 

A complete and colorful palm is always a welcome addition to any house, and the lady’s palm is a fantastic place to start. This palm, unlike others, is easy to care for and requires indirect sunlight.

String Of Pearls 

Place this tiny man on a shelf and watch him descend. Make sure it’s in bright, indirect sunshine and that you water it every one to two weeks.

Albuca Frizzle Sizzle

This is a unique and entertaining plant to have around! It’s not only easy to care for, but it also emits a lovely vanilla-like aroma when it blooms.


These vibrant plants look excellent indoors, with just a hint of pink. They also store water in their stems and leaves, allowing them to withstand droughts. Avoid overwatering and make sure the soil is totally dry between watering sessions.


This trailing vine has gained the moniker “devil’s ivy” due to its capacity to survive practically pitch-black circumstances, as well as under- and over-watering.

Agloenema Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen is a good choice if you prefer to water your plants. Aglaonema is a plant that can endure a lot of water and comes in various hues, including green, pink, white, and red.

Jade Plant

Because jade holds water in its round leaves, it can sometimes go for months without being watered. If they come into contact with water, they begin to rehydrate and expand. Please place it in a bright window (ideally south or west) and water it when the soil feels dry.

Spider Plant

There are several spider plants. What could be better than a single spider plant? The fast-growing branches create little “babies” that you may re-pot for other greens. Just keep it in well-lit areas and water it once a week.



Aloe would appreciate a position on your desk or bedroom table because it prefers indirect light. Please give it a nice bath once or twice a week for the best results.

Rubber Plant

Rubber trees in their native Asia may grow over 100 feet tall, but frequent trimming will keep the decorative variety under control. A potted rubber tree can handle direct sunlight, but it will appreciate it if you place it in a slightly more shady location—water after the soil has dried up, which should be roughly once a week.

Let us know in the comments which one of these houseplants will you adopt…

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