Tips for Growing Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are smaller versions of regular tomatoes and are widely consumed. They are ideal for salads, hot dishes such as pizza and pasta, and snacks. They are known as cherry tomatoes because of their cherry-like size. These small tomatoes contain many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are good for you.

Cherry tomatoes are a type of small, round tomato that is thought to be an intermediate genetic mix between wild eel-shaped tomatoes and domestic garden tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes vary from 1 cm wide to golf ball-sized, and can be spherical to slightly elongated. They are mostly red, but other varieties include yellow, green, and black. The elongated shape is characteristic of plum tomatoes called grape tomatoes. The currant tomato is a botanical variety of the cultivated seedling Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme.

Sowing Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes can be sown in March or even in the first week of April if it is impossible before then. Young tomato seedlings do not yet tolerate frost well, so it is better to sow indoors; they cannot be put out until May. To prevent poor growth of tomatoes, it is best to place them near a window. That way, they will get plenty of sun and air.

What Do You Need

In addition to seeds, you will need a few other items to help the plant grow smoothly.

  • Cherry tomato seeds
  • Sowing pots at least 5 x 5 cm, preferably 9 x 9 cm (you can order them here)
  • Potting pots and soil (order online)
  • Sand
  • Growing pots or boxes
  • Sticks or gauze

Transplanting Cherry Tomatoes

Seeds germinate at room temperature in 10-14 days, but cherry tomatoes can be transplanted outdoors until May. Sow them in small 9 x 9 cm pots, and you will have small seedlings. The distance between the plants should be about 40 cm, but not too close together, so each plant can grow fully.

Caring for Cherry Tomatoes

Once the seeds have germinated and are at least 10 cm in size, they can go outdoors. Find a place where they can grow as much as they want in the sun. Before planting, stir in some fertilizer to encourage the plants to grow.

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Secure The Plant

As soon as you place the seedlings in the ground, it is essential to place a sturdy stick near them, about 120 cm high. Keeping the tomato seedlings upright is important now that the sticks are in place. To do this, you can secure the stem of the tomato plant to the pole. When the plant grows 30 cm, reattach the branch to the pole. This way, the stems will be straight and will not grow crooked.


Small stems sprout above the new leaves. If these stems are not removed, they will grow to the same size as the main stem. This causes many stems and leaves to grow, resulting in fewer tomatoes. Check for these stems at least once weekly so they can be removed in advance. Crush them finely with your thumb and forefinger.

Harvesting Cherry Tomatoes

Once you are sure the tomatoes are well-ripened, harvest them. They will be tasty, firm red tomatoes. Pick the cherry tomatoes, including the heft, and add them to the ripe tomatoes one at a time. It is preferable not to pick the whole bunch at once. Are the plants failing? Then store the semi-ripe tomatoes in paper bags, they will ripen with time.

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Have you ever tried planting cherry tomatoes, and do you have any additional tips? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments below!

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