Best Online Gardening Stores You Should Check Out!

Best Online Gardening Stores You Should Check Out!

Gardening has always been a very common and popular hobby, but since the COVID-19 pandemic, this area of interest has exploded. Now, people all around the world seem to be rushing to buy gardening supplies.

Well, with all the precautionary measures that one has to take, I think it’s best to buy from online stores. So, here’s a compilation of some of the best online garden stores.

Plow and Hearth

Plow and HearthBased in Madison, Virginia, US, Plow and Hearth is a nationally recognized retailer that specializes in home décor, accessories, furniture and garden equipment and tools. The company was founded in 1980 by Michael Burns and Peter and Peggy Rice. It is a leading company that’s well-known for its high-quality décor and unique home accessories. The company also takes great pride in empowering its customers to create a place where they want to be. With over 15 stores across the south and northeast regions and with 19.6k followers on Instagram, the company continues to grow.


Plow and Hearth

  • Homeowners are always disappointed by the lack of variety in outdoor or indoor furniture in most home stores. However, compared to others, Plow and Hearth have an extensive line of indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories. Be it a farmhouse or cottage décor, the company has everything you need.
  • The sustainability concept is constantly evolving today and yet, many companies are afraid of implementing sustainable business practices. Compared to its competitors, Plow and Hearth has placed sustainability at the front of its line of work.
  • Plow and Hearth is known for using the best brands for its home accessories and furniture.
  • Shoppers are always excited about their indoor furniture, which often focuses on exquisite rustic and wooden pieces.
  • Another reason why Plow and Health has many customers is because of its wide and amazing selection of rugs that are often sold at affordable prices.
  • The company also ships internationally.
  • The website is very easy understand and navigate.
  • People are often satisfied with the easy return process.

Despite being the favorite of many people, Plow and Health has a negative consumer rating (of 2.25 stars) on Sitejabber, which somehow indicates the company’s failure to satisfy customers. As per the website’s statistics, the company ranked 376th among Home Decor sites.

Customer Reviews:

“I’ve always found what I liked and wanted at the plow and the hearth. Great catalogue, website and store.” – From Tina. L

“I been able to make my garden a whimical wonderland from the items I found at Plow and Hearh. Prices are reasonable. They have some great buys on clearance items on their web site.” – From Jessica. F

“Bought a spinner from these folks. The little solar powered light would not recharge. Wrote to Plow and Health and customer service jumped on it. Sent me a whole new spinner with no obligation to return first one. In fact, they recommended that I donate it to a neighbor or friend. Good folks for sure. I asked… they responded!” – From Bill. K

“Been waiting on a Christmas Tree for almost 4 weeks. Was supposed to be in stock 11-16-21 and then 11-23-21. Sill no answers on when it will ship. I guess I will buy one from somewhere else and just return this one if I ever get it. Really disappointed in this Company. I have bought a lot from them but this will be my last purchase.” – From Kristi. S

“It does feel like a scam. I’m experiencing the same things many others have. I placed an order 12/31/21, got no updates on delivery and when I called, they said the lead time is 182 days! You can’t cancel an order until it ships – which seems bogus to me. I’ll spare you the details – just DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM PLOW AND HEARTH!” – From Sarah. J

“I’d say Plow and Health doesn’t have any respect for its customers. I’ve had the experience and I can tell you that they won’t offer any remedy. They just don’t care…they won’t even make a lousy discount on anything.” – From Marilyn. W



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