Top 5 Benefits Of Gardening On Your Mental Health


Gardening is easy, fun, and inexpensive. It has proven to be an effective way to improve mental and emotional well-being. Whether you have a large garden, a small backyard, or even just a simple balcony, you can always reap the benefits of growing some plants. Read on to discover five ways gardening can positively impact your mental health. 

Gardening is a way for me to destress after a hard day at work, and it is my way to relax. I just put on a podcast or an audiobook; I recommend any of Vandana Shiva’s books and take care of my flowers. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things everyone should know about the effect of gardening on our mental health.

1. Gardening is a form of exercise that lifts your mood


Not only is gardening fun, but lifting, raking, digging, and weeding make it an effective form of exercise. In fact, thirty minutes spent raking the lawn, pushing a mower, or digging can be just as effective as a gym class in the long run, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Regular exercise is a well-known way to combat mental illness: When we exercise, our brains release endorphins that improve our mood and make us more productive. Because gardening is a gentle form of exercise, it provides an effective workout that puts minimal stress on the body- unlike running or aerobics, for example.

2. The sun and natural daylight can improve your mood

According to Healthline, sunlight can trigger the release of the hormone serotonin, which acts as a mood stabilizer and helps us feel more positive and productive. Without adequate sunlight, our serotonin levels can drop, making us depressed, anxious, and lethargic.

Getting out in the garden during daylight hours can therefore be a great way to combat depression and reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder. Exposure to natural daylight can also stimulate the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which regulates our biological clocks, meaning that a daily trip to the garden may even help you sleep better.

3. Indoor plants


Sometimes when we feel depressed, we feel like our lives have no purpose or meaning. However, when we know that we need to take care of our plants, it can give us something to look forward to. Tending a garden can also make you feel responsible for your health and well-being- after all, you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of your garden.

For people with low self-confidence or self-esteem issues, this can be a very effective way to boost their self-esteem. Growing your vegetables can be especially satisfying as you harvest and eat your produce, which can give you a sense of self-sufficiency that acts like a brilliant antidote to depression, anxiety, and lack of self-esteem. If you don’t have a garden center nearby, you can find a wide selection of vegetable seeds online that you can use to grow a variety of healthy and delicious vegetables.

4. This can be a great way to meet new people

Mental illness can be an isolating experience, especially if you struggle with self-esteem issues that prevent you from putting yourself out there and making friends. Having a supportive network can be an important part of the healing process, and participating in community garden activities can be a great way to make social connections. Plus, you’ll always have something to talk about since you’re building connections at an activity. Joining a community garden can help you connect with others and make new friends, so check out activities in your area.

5. Connecting with nature can soothe our minds


Nothing soothes the mind like connecting with the natural world. Even if you only have a small space, such as a balcony, a place with some greenery can offer you a valuable way to escape the stresses of city life and focus instead on the soothing sights, sounds, and scents of nature. By creating an outdoor space that you feel comfortable in, you are also creating a safe and peaceful place where you can fully relax.

Make the most of your new and improved space by meditating outdoors, which can help calm your mind and soothe troubling thoughts.

Final thoughts

With all of these benefits, it’s clear that gardening is an incredible, versatile mood booster. So, if you’re looking for a new hobby that will help calm your mind and improve your mood, try gardening: you’ll soon see and feel a real difference. Gardening is a great way to take your mind off the mundanity of life.

So, give gardening a try if you are stressed out, and you will find it may ameliorate your lifestyle, but also see a therapist. It is something that we should all do. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about the effect of gardening on our mental health.

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