Focus on the Installation of a Garden Shed

The garden shed is a small construction located in your green space. It is a room where you can store tools, thus allowing you to de-clutter your garage. The garden shed can also be used as a leisure space, which also optimizes the enjoyment of your garden. This shed can be temporary or permanent, removable or fixed. To help you see clearly, discover the details in the article.

Legislation on the Garden Shed

Like all construction work, installing a garden shed is also subject to regulations. When you build a shed of less than 20 m², a simple declaration of works to the town hall is sufficient. However, if you are going to build a structure larger than 20 m², administrative steps must be taken. Among other things, a building permit is required. Moreover, the ideal is to make the request early because the processing of the files can sometimes take several days or even many weeks; there is even a risk that it will be refused. This law is identical in all regions of France except in the coastal zone. The construction of a garden shed is subject to coastal laws. Every construction must be more than 10 meters from the water’s edge.

The Types of Material With Which a Garden Shed Can Be Built


Several types of wood, such as pine, fir, cedar, etc., are available to build a garden shed. However, they do not all offer the same qualities. So, be careful when making your choice. Wood, a resistant and robust material, is effortless to assemble. The assembly can be done by panels or planks according to your taste. But if you want your garden shed to be durable, opt for the plank. Moreover, wood allows builders to show their creativity. The wooden garden shed also gains in aesthetics.


The construction of a metal garden shed is also a convenient solution, but on the aesthetic side, it is less beautiful. It is less expensive than wood; you pay only about 200 euros for a structure of 5 m². Apart from that, during the summer period, the walls of your shelter give off too much heat and cause condensation, which makes it impossible to install hanging spaces on them. Therefore, you can not decorate it, and it is then intended for storage.


The construction of a PVC garden shed is easy to assemble and maintain. However, this material is not resistant to sunlight. It deteriorates easily and quickly. Therefore, it is the most popular material for a temporary shelter.

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The garden shed made of glass offers many advantages. It can be used as a greenhouse for plants during the winter. It can also be used as a storage place for gardening tools. It is a fragile material but it gives a rendering with an aesthetic for your green space.

The Main Steps in Building a Garden Shed

The steps of building a garden shed are:

– Preparation of the ground: this is mainly based on choosing the place where you want to install your shed. It must be flat, level, and clean.

– Laying the foundation: this step is necessary for installing a permanent garden shed. But for a temporary shed, you will need to install an anchoring device to facilitate the uninstallation when you move.

– Installation of the Garden Shed

– The installation of the discharges: the installation of the gutter, the installation of a drainage slope, etc.

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