Building a Bamboo Pergola: The Steps to Follow

Installing a pergola in your garden allows you to enjoy the summer season in all coolness. For more aestheticism and originality, opt for a bamboo pergola. This type of pergola made of light material can be built by yourself. Follow our tips to build a pergola that is easy to maintain and has no covering!

Position the Bamboo Sections on the Ground

Start with the sides of the pergola by positioning the rods on the ground. Make sure that the horizontal and foot sections are perpendicular. This will stabilize the entire structure. To do this, take a box and place it on the corner.

Fixing the Bamboo

The use of a threaded rod is the most common way to attach the bamboos. After measuring the length needed, cut the rod leaving a few extra centimeters. Then drill the sections at the intersections using a long drill bit. This allows the two overlapping areas to be drilled simultaneously. Then insert the threaded rods into the holes and secure them with nuts and washers.

You can also join them together with a drill bit. This allows bamboo to be inserted into the bamboo to be nested. Make sure that the bamboo is larger in diameter than the other. Apply glue to the joint to finish.

Cutting and Fixing the Diagonal Sections

Before cutting the diagonal sections, place them at the intersections to stabilize the pergola. Use a Japanese saw to cut them to get a clean cut. 8 sections of bamboo should be cut to length. If possible, make sure that the ends of their nodes are close together. To attach them, use the same technique you chose earlier. It is recommended to alternate their position for an aesthetic appearance of the pergola and your deck.

Once the bamboo sections are all fixed, tighten the nuts. Then cut off the excess threaded rod with a hacksaw.

Putting the Pergola Upright

The two horizontal sections are to be put upright to form the two sides of the pergola. To assemble them quickly, hold the four sides together with chairs. Start fixing the horizontal sections with a threaded rod, washers, and nuts. It’s a good idea to pre-drill the diagonal sections before attaching them for added stability.

Splitting Bamboo

Splitting the bamboo is an essential step in assembling the roof of the pergola. Choose a large bamboo splitter that can accommodate all sizes of bamboo. On the other hand, the number of slats that can be split depends on their diameter and the width of the slats. You need at least 5 cm width of slats to avoid bending under their own weight.

To divide them efficiently, put the end of the bamboo against a wall. Aim for the center of the section to get uniform slats in terms of width. Since the blow will be directly into the diaphragms, there will be some resistance at the nodes. However, great care must be taken when adopting this method to avoid compromising the aesthetics of the pergola.

Remove the Diaphragms

It is time to remove the diaphragms by choosing one of these two methods:

-Using a hatchet or hammer to get a precise, smooth finish;

-Using another section by sliding it against the inside of the diaphragm.

-Assemble the roof

-Tie the slats together in groups of 4 or 8. Add cross bamboo if necessary if they bend in the middle. To attach the roof to the structure, use a wire, starting with the top horizontal slats. Then apply varnish, protective lacquer or resin to extend its life.

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