6 of the Trendiest Houseplants in 2022

Everyone love houseplants! They can always be add a nice touch of greenery to any space and some are even easy to grow and maintain. And for those who love the urban jungle aesthetic, houseplants are perfect for transforming even the living room into an exotic place capable of transporting us to faraway lands and environment without having to pack.

There are many different species and each have a different flair. From purifying to meditative, passing by aromatic, decorative and relaxing, green interior design has become a real trend. Also, the bigger, the better as the most popular indoor plants are large and have a big presence in homes. But what are the houseplants ready to set the trend in 2022? Want to learn more? In today’s blog, we bring you a list of trending plant names for 2022. Enjoy!


Houseplant experts agree that 2022 will be the year of the fern. There’s the Australian fern, beautiful to look at and perfect for growing in a humid environment or, alternatively, with the help of a humidifier. A nice mix between a fern and a palm tree.

But the fern family is really diverse and all the varieties, big or small, have one thing in common: they need a lot of water and frequent care, so if you are looking for something that doesn’t require too much time, skip it. because this might not be the plant for you. In any case, ferns like to be in company, so it is always advisable to grow them together in a group.

2.Alocasia Zebrina

This plant is also better known as “elephant ear”. Native to Southeast Asia, it has large, broad leaves in the shape of a heart or arrow, as the case may be, and has marked veins. A plant that does not go unnoticed, it must be said, and that, with time, will need a lot of space. It is therefore fundamental to adapt to the place where you plan to cultivate it.


Better known as the “plant that prays” because, at night, its leaves rise towards the sky. Among the most popular varieties are Calathea Lancifolia, which is characterized by elongated lance-shaped leaves, or Calathea Zebrina, which has more oval leaves. Calathea are plants with beautiful velvety leaves that often turn purple at the base. If you like pink, choose Calathea Ornata Sanderiana, which has beautiful streaks of that color.


A classic that never goes out of style, but instead continues to dominate houseplant trends. For this 2022, the ficus to choose from are Ficus Robusta or Ficus elastica, also those great classics, both of which have oval, thick, tough leaves. And then there’s the Ficus Lyrata, a plant that can take on the shape of a tree and has wavy leaves that recall the shape of the musical instrument that inspired its name: the Lyra!

5.Licuala Grandis

This is a little known plant. Indeed, we could say that it may never have been seen as a houseplant, but you know, trends are invented by those who first anticipate something that meets the taste of many. This is a very elegant kind of palm tree that has beautiful bright green leaves that resemble the shape of a fan. In short, if you’re looking for a plant that makes a statement, this is the one for you!

6.Pachira Aquatica

You may know this one, as it is also known as the “money plant”. Very beautiful to look at, and also very “Instagrammable”, it is a shrub that normally grows in the wild in very swampy environments and tends to develop a trunk made up of intertwined branches, which is the element that makes this plant particularly scenic. The leaves are a beautiful bright green and form elegant and particularly light fronds.

There you go! Do you have a favorite houseplant for 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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