6 Calming Herbs for Natural Relaxation

Very often, it can be challenging to find some time for relaxation. Afterall, we worry about many things, from the most mundane to the biggest issues. With a healthy worry, you won’t see bears in the streets, and you will have a positive outlook on what is happening. When anxiety arises, it becomes an unhealthy worry. At that point, it is usually no longer possible to be realistic, and stress takes over. This article presents seven herbs that can help you relax naturally. By doing so, you can remain calm in turbulent times.

1) Relaxation|Lavender

Lavender is actually a kind of first aid flower. It is used because of its calming effect on the heart and nervous system. Lavender is also used for relaxation in cases of stress and anxiety.

The flower’s scent has been scientifically proven to help with restlessness and difficulty sleeping. It shortens sleep phases and increases total sleep time.

Bach flower poppy has the same calming effect as lavender. Poppy is one of the most widely used Bach flower remedies for sleep problems, providing comfort and protection at night for men and women of all ages.

Great before bed!

Lavender Tea: Pour 150 ml boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of flowers; let steep (covered) for 10 minutes. Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea.

2) Stress and Anxiety|Basil

Basil strengthens the nervous system and calms in stressful or fearful situations. Basil is also used to restore strength, energy, and vitality.

The same is true for bach flower olive. Both plants encourage you to listen more to your body’s needs and stop exhausting it.

Basil has a refreshing effect on the body and mind. Therefore, evaporating a small amount of basil oil is pleasant. It can also be pleasantly used to cleanse the air in the home or workplace. Of course, it is also great as a massage oil!

3) Anxiety|Rosemary

Rosemary reduces anxiety and depression. Its leaves and flowers are uplifting and promote energy.

Rosemary has been used for centuries to balance the nervous system. It is also good for when the mind is “full” and for memory problems. In other words, to “improve concentration”.

A decoction of chamomile and rosemary is excellent for headaches. Also, when added to bath water, this herb works like massage oil on a tired body.

A comparable bach flower is white chestnut, which is also effective in relieving fatigue and worry.

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4) Peppermint- Let Go

Peppermint: a tonic for the nervous system. It helps to let go and has a calming effect. Especially when tension is stuck in the form of tension headaches, then it’s time for a relaxing cup of tea. One cup of peppermint tea requires two teaspoons of dried leaves.

5) In Balance|Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus: helps maintain balance. Gives air. Eucalyptus, like Bach Flower Terra, relieves tension, stress, helps maintain balance, gives air, clears blockages and purifies the surrounding atmosphere. It also strengthens under challenging situations and ensures one remains faithful to oneself. Evaporate the oil to clean the air in your home or workplace. This can be done simply by adding a few drops of oil to a small amount of water. Then, warm up the air with heat or sun.

6) Relaxation from Anxiety|Thyme

Thyme: Good for thinking. Against drowsiness. Strongly works on the nerves against fear and tension. For those who suffer from mental and physical fatigue. Herb to remove mental and physical fatigue. Bach Flower Elm can support this further. It can restore vitality. Then you will be able to cope responsibly again.

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