Which Aquatic Plants To Choose for Your Garden?

Apart from decorating the garden, hydrophytes or aquatic plants add character to a water feature in your garden. They have multiple benefits, including detoxifying water that contains ammonium. These aquatic plants also act as ornamental plants for your water space. Discover some of them in this article!

Sacred Lotus

This is a plant of Asian origin with beautiful flowers. Its leaves are not floating like the others but spread above the water’s surface. The Indian lotus, as it is also called, is classified as one of the most famous decorative plants used in most water gardens. Moreover, it is easy to plant and resist certain climatic conditions. That’s why it lasts for many years.

White Water Lily

As its name suggests, the white water lily has white flowers with a yellow heart. This ultimate aquatic flower and its large oval leaves will beautify your pond. The white water lily comes in several varieties and species and does not require particular maintenance.

Hottonia Palutris

Also called “Water Violet”, Hottonia palutris is an aquatic plant of the Primulaceae family. It can grow in temperatures of -10° to 28 °C. Its fruits have the shape of a spherical capsule of purple color, and the light green leaves are in the form of divided crowns. Hottonia is a beautiful aquatic plant that tightens as it develops. It usually beautifies your garden pond and does not require much landscaping work.

Iris Peudacorus

Also called Marsh Iris or Yellow Water Iris, this perennial plant is 40 cm to 1 meter high. It usually grows along shorelines, stagnant ponds, and marshes. You can find it in almost all the regions of France and the countries of Europe. This aquatic plant is distinguished by its saber-shaped leaves and rounded, flattened stems. In addition, the marsh iris helps to depollute water by fixing heavy metals in its roots.

Lysimachia Aurea or Shield Grass

It is an aquatic plant that is endowed with multiple virtues. Its oval leaves of golden color are worth its classification among the rare species. Because of its versatility and attractive aspect, the grass can be cultivated in a garden as in a pond. It is thus among the ideal plants for the creation of a garden.

Moreover, this plant develops quickly provided that it can benefit from its nutritional elements and adapted maintenance. It can also be used as an ornamental plant for aquariums.

Aciotis Acuminifolia

The Aciottis is a plant species with stiff stems. Seen from above, its leaves form a plus sign. This aquatic plant is usually green. But when it is exposed to the light, the shades have more reddish nuances. If you want to integrate this species in your pond, make sure it benefits from moderate lighting. Otherwise, its leaves start to disintegrate.

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