The Different Stages in Building a Garden

The Different Stages in Building a Garden

After choosing the type of garden and designing the plan, all that remains is to create your garden. To carry out the work of making your garden, we recommend that you call on the expertise of a seasoned professional.


– Calling on a company

– Doing your own garden

– How to build a garden: the different stages of the work

Calling on a company

Having your garden designed by a company is often the guarantee of a faithful rendering of the project conceived beforehand. However, choosing your contractor carefully and ensuring good communication throughout the project is essential.

Why call a professional?

A company knows how to advise you and adapt to your budget by proposing relevant and adapted solutions. It offers you a turnkey garden.

Who to contact?

A generalist company

A generalist company can meet most of your expectations. Their know-how is multiple: planting, electricity, various masonries, installation of networks, watering, etc.

A specialized company

For the particular elements of the garden, such as swimming pools, basins, carports, etc., it is often preferable to choose a specialist in this field. They are often more affordable and quicker to implement, guaranteeing their work for several years. Calling on a specialist also reduces the risk of defects.

Make your own garden

If the pleasure of making your own garden is undeniable, you must consider all the constraints and know-how required to undertake this work.

Advantages and disadvantages of doing the work yourself

The Different Stages in Building a Garden

Doing your own garden guarantees you complete control of the process, both in terms of budget and the details and finishes of the work.

On the other hand, you will have to devote a certain amount of time depending on the scope of the work and manage the choice of suppliers and the type of materials by yourself.

Also, you risk not completely mastering a required technique, resulting in poor finishing or defects.

How to build a garden: the different stages of the work

A construction site has strict organization, and it is essential to respect a chronology in your work, not to have to dismantle a structure.

Here are the different steps to creating a landscaped garden:

1. Installation of the site;

2. The ”rough work”;

3. Secondary works;

4. Planting works;

5. Finishing works.

Installation of the site

This first step of the work consists in knowing the site well. Check the dimensions of the accesses for the passage of the possible required machines, and locate the running water, watering, gas or wastewater networks which can be degraded by inadvertence during the construction.

It includes:

– the protection of the elements and trees to be preserved,

– the preparation of the material,

– the safety of the site and the men

The ”rough work”

The ”structural work” is the first stone in building your garden and guarantees its exemplary implementation and perenniality.

This stage includes:

– the earthwork of the garden,

– the drainage,

– the riprap,

– cutting down trees and shrubs that are not retained,

–¬†stump removal,

– the installation of the networks: water, electricity and various conduits,

– the creation of alleys and garden paths,

– installation of masonry elements: terraces, basins, walls and low walls.

– creating specific infrastructures: garage, carports, swimming pool, etc.


The Different Stages in Building a Garden

The finishing work sees the project emerge and constitutes the framework of your future garden. The volumes will take shape, and the poetry of the vegetation will take place.

This stage includes:

– the preparation of the soil before planting,

– the installation of the ground coverings,

– the installation of fences and wall facings,

– the connection of the networks to the works.

Planting work

If the planting work is part of the finishing work, it is still a separate step that will bring your project to life.

This step includes:

– the planting of large trees,

– the planting of small trees and shrubs,

– shrub planting,

– the planting of perennials and annuals,

–¬†lawn installation.

Finishing work

Your garden now has its entire framework, and all that remains is to finalize certain decorative elements to complete your project.

This stage includes:

– the painting work,

– the installation of cables and plant supports,

– installation of arbors and pergolas,

– the lighting of the garden,

– the installation of watering,

– the installation of decorative mulch,

– the installation of mulching of massifs.

Hope this post helps you build your garden. Get to work, and remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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