The Characteristics of a Gardener and a Landscaper

Among the professionals involved in the maintenance and creation of beautiful landscapes are the gardener and the landscaper. Many people confuse these two professions because these craftsmen sometimes combine the two roles. However, it is essential to distinguish between these two professions. Indeed, each one has its particularities, and it is vital to make the difference to know who to contact for which need.

Gardener: Definition and Skills

Whatever his profile, a gardener is a professional with a particular mission.

Who is a Gardener?

The gardener is the professional who is responsible for maintaining the health and beauty of gardens. Therefore, he must have a precise knowledge of the needs and characteristics of the different plants in it.

Thus, to become a gardener, one must study and obtain a certificate in gardening. Some gardeners have a BAC pro in the same field, and a gardener needs to follow a given specialty. With the certification of specialization, his profile is even more complete.

When To Call a Gardener?

Defined as a man of the field, the gardener is this craftsman to whom you resort for the maintenance of your garden. His most significant characteristic is his mastery of the needs of a garden plant.

He takes care of the preparation of the soil, the grassing, the watering, the new planting, the clearing of the brush, the pruning of the grass, and the general maintenance of the garden. Through these various tasks, the gardener ensures the preservation of plant life and the sustainability of your garden. He is called upon periodically throughout the year.

Landscaper: Definition and Skills

To be a landscaper is to be able to organize a space to make it more cheerful.

How Do You Recognize a Landscaper?

The profession of landscaping encompasses several disciplines at once. A landscape designer is called upon to master the workings of plant biology and plant architecture, and their work recognizes them. In other words, the landscape designer is still called a landscape architect.

He is the craftsman who takes care of the development of your exterior to create a green space. He idealizes, designs, establishes, and realizes for the gardens to make your exteriors more joyful. He is the professional who determines the location of each component of the garden. Thanks to his expertise, your garden is functional and user-friendly enough.

When to Call a Landscaper?

The gardener and the landscaper are professionals who are all involved in the management of a green space. However, what characterizes the landscaper is the ingenuity he shows in the implementation of gardens.

When you need to design a garden, you can only use the services of a landscaper. When it comes to outdoor renovation work, this craftsman is also the one to call. Moreover, he is competent for the earthwork of your garden paths and the realization of the fountains.


As mentioned above, the gardener and the landscaper are both professionals who intervene in installing and maintaining green spaces. The particularities of a gardener are found in his ability to take care of an already existing garden.

However, when you don’t have one, and you want to create one, you need the services of a landscaper. This craftsman has the necessary skills to create a relaxing and functional space, and he can also help you renovate it.

The two trades are complementary, and this is why it is possible to meet a gardener who has the skills of a landscaper and vice versa. With this double hat, these professionals are at the center of the life of your green spaces.

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