Perfect Flowers to Add a Splash of Color to Your Garden (Part Two)

I’m guessing that if you landed here, you were probably looking for flower ideas for your garden and you’ve reached the right place! This article is a continuation of the first part of my post on Perfect Flowers to Add a Splash of Color to Your Garden. Haven’t read it yet? You can find it here.

Let’s dive right into the flowers.

Wild Blue Indigo

This perennial with well-arranged blue-purple flowers blooms most of the summer – in July, August and September – so it’s a good choice for those who want a beautiful, long-lasting flower bed. It grows best in full or partial sun, in poor to moderately fertile, neutral to moderately moist soil. Keep in mind that rattlesnakes form a deep main root first and then begin to grow very quickly.


How Fast Do Petunias Grow? (Getting to Know About Petunias) - Conserve  Energy Future

It is not for nothing that almost every garden or flower bed has petunias – they bloom for a long time and never get old, because the charm of their beautiful flowers is irresistible. In addition, petunias can be grown not only in pots on the balcony or terrace, but also in flower beds. For the latter purpose, you should choose stunted or upright petunias, while hanging petunias are best suited for hanging pots on the balcony. Petunias have a wide variety of flowers, including full, star-shaped, larger or smaller, and different colors. Petunias have the advantage of a long blooming period, from May to October.

Petunias need a sunny position, but if they are skinny and lean to one side, you can easily cut that part off. With regular fertilization, they will grow back, take on a round shape and start blooming again in a few weeks. Old and dead flowers should be removed regularly to preserve the appearance of the pot and facilitate the growth of new flowers.

Shrubby cinquefoils

Shrubby cinquefoils are unfairly overlooked by gardeners or gardening enthusiasts, although their beautiful flowers, somewhat reminiscent of jasmine or thistle, can add a splash of color to any garden or bed. Although cinquefoils is a shrub and should not be called a flower, it is included in this list because of its beautiful flowers. Yellow-flowered cinquefoils are the most popular, as their flowers stand out beautifully against the green leaves, but other colors are worth trying. They like a sunny or lightly shaded position and should have moderately moist, moderately fertile, acidic or slightly alkaline soil. Since silver cinquefoils do well in the city, they can certainly be planted in small beds around the house.


Growing Lobelia: Tips For Care Of Lobelia

Lobelias have gained popularity for their blue flowers in a wide range of shades, but the most popular of all is the common lobelia (Lobelia erinus), which looks best in hanging pots. Lobelia have the advantage of blooming from June to September, during which time they can grow to over a foot tall. The first lobelia flowers that appear should be cut off, so that they bloom until the first frost in autumn. It is also important to water the plant abundantly, so that it delights us with its beautiful flowers from June to October.


Although fragile, these plants are very suitable for the garden, as they are undemanding, easy to care for and have very beautiful flowers. They look best when planted in groups and should be preceded by a dwarf plant that will cover the plums and help them overwinter. The advantage of these flowers is not only that they are beautiful, but also that they can grow in sunny or semi-sunny locations, including lawns. You can create a spectacular show by planting them among other shorter flowers. Plus, the color range of plots is very wide, and you can plant multiple colors in the same spot for a beautiful, trouble-free look.

You now have a whole list of gorgeous flower ideas to start growing in your garden. Don’t forget to leave a comment below to tell us which one you’ve decided to plant. Until then, happy gardening!


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