Enhancing Your Garden With Fruit Trees

It is entirely possible to carry out the installation and the decoration of your exterior by yourself. Of course, it is a project that requires know-how and a lot of time. Nevertheless, with the right tips, you can do it very well. Moreover, decorating and landscaping the garden is an activity that can be done in family.

Fruit Trees

Flowers are not the only decorative plants you can have in the garden. Fruit trees also have their charm, and this is true regardless of the season.

Even though the leaves fall off in autumn, their change of color to yellow, red and/or orange will brighten up your garden. Then, the bare branches during the winter season will add class and harmony to your outdoor space. In addition, the spring-blooming will not only revive the colors but will also give a magnificent show. Finally, the combination of colors between young and ripe fruits, as well as the different kinds of flowering plants in your garden, will give the impression of being in nature.

In addition, the fruit trees are there to provide shade in your garden. This way, you can relax in a beautiful garden and get some fresh air without having to put up a parasol.

The Different Types of Fruit Trees:

First, there are the pome fruits, including pears, apples, and corms, among others. Then we have naturally dried fruits such as almonds and hazelnuts. Finally, there are stone fruits such as apricot, peach, cherry, etc.

Location of Fruit Trees in the Garden:

If you have an outdoor space which is large enough, you can arrange different fruit trees according to their fruits. For example, an orange tree in the middle, apple, pear and mango trees in the borders. On the other hand, if space is limited, opt for a single fruit tree instead. Otherwise, you can also turn to fruit bushes.

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Fruit Bushes

There are different types of fruit bushes such as raspberry, black currant, blueberry, etc.

Unlike fruit trees, fruit bushes do not usually take up too much space in the garden. In fact, most locations are suitable for planting a fruit bush. In other words, you can plant it in the middle of the garden, along the border, along the pathways, etc.

Therefore, planting fruit bushes can be a great option to showcase a miniature outdoor decoration. We recommend fruit bushes for those who have a penchant for hedges or plant fences.


  • Fruit bushes are also perfect for decorating a balcony.
  • Fruit bushes are easy to maintain
  • There are what we call “fruit bonsai”. This is the name given to dwarf or miniaturized fruit bushes and trees.

Climbing Fruits and Cucurbits

Like grapevines, pomegranates, or passion fruit, climbing fruit refers to those types of fruit trees that need support to grow. To do this, you can plant a climbing fruit next to the fence instead of honeysuckle or clematis. This way, the fruit will make your outdoor space stand out, while the leaves will make your fence blackout.

On the other hand, you can also use fruit trees to support climbing fruits.

As for cucurbits like watermelon, the yellow color of its flowers is pleasant to see. Its ideal location is at the edge and/or at the corner of the garden fence to prevent their stems from being trampled

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