Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Garden With Stones

Some say that the kitchen is the heart of a home because that is where everything comes together. However, we suggest that the garden is just as important: it is an interactive and pleasant space, which brings an excellent quality of life to our house and our family. In this blog, we give you some fantastic ideas on how to decorate your garden with stones! For years stones have been seen as something negative: what if «to be like a stone in your shoe», what if «stumbling over the same stone»… We want to change that myth and show that stones can do a lot of good, especially decoration and DIY lovers. We want to show you some creative ideas to decorate your garden with stones, to show you that if you have something against stones, they are only prejudices! If you have some projects in mind, indeed, the stones give you good inspiration.



Winter can be very cruel to your garden if you don’t take the necessary steps to take care of it. Decorating your garden with stones is not only a fantastic aesthetic option, but it will also help you preserve it from changes in temperature and inclement weather. The first thing we have to do is visualize the measurements of our garden. Without placing stones, we must know how many kilos we need to buy to cover the desired surface evenly. We recommend using light-coloured rocks in small gardens to create a feeling of spaciousness. Dark-coloured stones tend to create a much more natural climate. When decorating your garden with rocks, think about the best for your space. Take into account your budget and the desire to improve the environment of your home. 



Stones can look beautiful and make your garden look modern, sophisticated and elegant, but they also serve vital functions during the winter season. The rocks absorb natural light and help maintain and regulate the temperature of the substrate. Keep in mind that darker stones absorb much morelight, while lighter coloured stones do not. In addition, they absorb water and conserve moisture for much longer, helping to uniform irrigation and the correct supply of the substrate. By decorating your garden with stones in the winter season, you will be able to improve the quality of life of your plants. 



Before deciding how to decorate your garden with stones for the winter season, it is necessary to install all the materials. The geotextile mesh is an unconditional element in this process since you must place it on the substrate before placing your stones. This mesh fulfils several essential functions, keep reading and find out about its qualities.



Think of it as natural elements that will provide the garden’s structure; stones are a significant element to add or integrate into it. There are many types of these, in shapes and colours such as pebbles, masonry stones for walls, carved stones perfect for rams … coloured stones … we can also paint them. The decoration with stones in the garden offers excellent solutions for decoration; we can make beautiful compositions with plants and flowers. Make beautiful corners with a selection of stones. We just have to be clear about the style we want to give the garden because stones are great for rustic environments. After all, we can use them to create masonry stone walls, for example, and thus provide a very natural effect. We can also use the stones in more modern styles; in this environment, we can put pebble stones of different materials such as granite stones or even marble. This type of stone will also be great to hold the flower beds. However, we can also create ingenious designs with them.



But if you are into oriental environments and want to give this look to your garden, we will first use stones. The use of them is essential. But within the oriental style, we can perfectly combine small rocks and larger stones … in this way, we play with the visual effect that the different dimensions offer. We can use countless types of stone to help create some walls, design paths within the garden, hold certain systems, or serve as a division within the same place.


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