Creating A Vertical Pallet Garden

Sometimes the narrow space of our yard does not allow us to have our own garden, even though we are passionate about gardening. The design of a plant wall using a pallet is an excellent solution for gardening without taking up much space. Here are the steps to follow to make this pallet plant wall yourself.

Gather the necessary materials

To design a pallet garden, you need:

  • a wall stapler;
  • a watering can with a spray head or a garden hose
  • flat head nails and wood screws;
  • a cutter;
  • geotextile felt or mulch cloth or aqua mat;
  • a hammer;
  • a shovel for potting soil;
  • a drill;
  • a crowbar ;
  • a saw;
  • pliers;
  • lag bolts.

Making the pallet

First of all, detach the 3 slats and the 4 wedges of the pallet to be dismantled with a crowbar by placing it near the nails which maintain them. It is necessary to press gradually on it not to damage the material of the pallet, then, remove the nails.

The pallet is positioned vertically to nail one of the boards to form the bottom of the planters. After that, a woven mulch cloth, a thick geotextile felt or aqua mat cut to a size of 2.20 m x 1m2 on both sides of the pallet should be placed.

Once the canvas is laid, staple one on the two inner sides and fold the canvas at the foot of the wall to hold the soil. Finally, screw the 4 wedges at the back of the pallet, and fix the 2 other slats with nails to fill the gaps. Among other things, it is strongly recommended to opt for a wooden pallet signed EUR- EPAL mention HT for more resistance to rotting.

Install a Watering Device

Installing a vertical PVC tube of 3 cm in diameter is a good option for watering. You must first see the tube at a lower height of the pallet already shaped to do this. Then make holes staggered by 10 cm on both sides of the tube. Then, the bottom must be plugged and the tube placed in the center of the pallet to water 3/4 of the height of the vertical garden. It is also essential to leave a margin of a few centimeters above the pallet cut at an angle for easier watering.

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Fill the Pallet With Potting Soil

Straighten the pallet and fill it with potting soil, tapping it a little against the ground so that the soil can settle. Then, lay the pallet gently on the ground so that you can make crosswise cuts in the fabric with a cutter.

Proceed With the Planting

Now it’s time to insert the plants into the pallet. Be careful! Do not push the root ball in too far, as the settling of the soil may draw the plant down. Make sure that the roots spread properly towards the back of the pallet.

Several varieties of plants can be grown in a vertical garden, such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, peppers, cucurbits, etc. These plantations are watered at low pressure until the water overflows on the ground. Finally, after a few days, the pallet must be straightened vertically to fix it to the wall with lag bolts. Afterward, other plantations can be installed on top of the pallet if necessary.

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