9 Tips for Beautifying and Maintaining Your Green Space

The concept of green space is recent because it appeared with urbanization. Creating this type of space has become essential due to the increase in new constructions. It designates a relaxation space in urban areas, arranged to form a visually attractive landscape. It is composed of flowers, bushes, trees, small paths, and even a water feature. In general, green spaces are public spaces, such as urban parks. But they can also be private spaces designed to enhance a residence, such as extensive gardens. However, to keep them attractive, they must be well maintained. Here are some helpful tips.

Consult a Landscaper

A landscaper is a specialist in designing, developing, renovating, and maintaining green spaces of all sizes. These services can be performed together or separately. On the one hand, he will advise you on the style and composition of your green space.

On the other hand, he will accompany you in implementing the modern development techniques and the assumption of responsibility of the administrative files related to urbanization.

Integrate a Water Point in Your Green Space

An artificial fountain (among others) is a significant asset for green space, thanks to the aesthetic aspect it brings. The most suitable water feature for green space is a garden pond with aquatic plants.

Opt For a Modern Watering System

A modern watering system facilitates the maintenance of your green space. It comes in different forms. The most commonly used are intelligent watering and automatic watering. The first one consists in programming the watering according to the real needs of the plants, thanks to sensors of humidity. Automatic watering allows you to program and automate your watering system. There are three possible watering systems: drip, underground, and programmed systems.

Prune or Cut Down Trees

It is essential to prune or cut down a tree when it is too big to guarantee the safety of people and the various neighboring installations. Pruning consists of reducing or removing certain branches from a tree. It also allows a tree to grow in better conditions. Felling, on the other hand, is required when the tree in question is affected by a disease that infests all its components.

Exploit the Stumps of Felled Trees

After felling, you can uproot and remove the stumps from the beaten tree. Removing stumps helps to level the ground and gain more space. You can also leave the tree stumps on the site, decorate them as you wish, or use them as supports for statuettes or flower pots.

Focus On Clearing Bush

The clearing of bush consists of trimming the vegetation and removing the clutter. It can be done at any time. However, it is recommended to do it in early summer or fall. It is mandatory in fire-prone areas.

Create Walkways

Walkways give you the ability to move around. They must meet the constraints related to the development of space. To design walkways, you can choose between gravel on honeycomb slabs, asphalt mixes, polymer resins, interlocking paving stones, and paving stones made of natural or prefabricated materials.

Don’t Forget Exterior Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a vital role in the design of green spaces. It also serves as a means of securing and marking pathways. The composition and type of outdoor lighting (table lamp, pendant lamp, wall lamp, bollard, spotlight, etc.) should be chosen according to the topography of your green space, your requirements, and your budget.

Call On the Services of a Professional

Landscaping and maintenance of green spaces are complex and require specific skills.  Professionals will carry out all the works related to the development and maintenance of green spaces and will always be ready to satisfy you.

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