7 Ways You Can Use Cocoa Bean Shells in the Garden

It may not immediately come to mind, but cocoa shells (remnants of the cocoa bean) are very useful in the garden and make beautiful decorations. Here is a list of some of the uses to which cocoa shells can be put.

What Exactly Are Cocoa Shells?

Cocoa shells are nothing more than a byproduct of chocolate production. It is the shell of the cocoa bean, also known as the cocoa shell. These brown-colored shells have been disposed of in the past because they are not suitable for human consumption.

Afterwards, it was discovered that cocoa shells are suitable for gardens. Since then, they are no longer disposed of, but are packed in large bags and entered into the garden. Today, this product is in great demand and has long surpassed trend status.

Here’s how you can use cocoa shells in your garden:

1) Get Rid of Cats, Snails, and Weeds

Weeds, cats, and snails certainly don’t like cocoa pods. Scattering cocoa pods around your plants is a big plus because you won’t be bothered by slug-infested plants. Also, cats don’t like the smell of cocoa pods, so they choose a different place to do their business than the beautiful borders. The cocoa husks also contain ingredients that prevent weeds from growing in the borders.

2) Soil Friendly

Cocoa shells contain several nutrients, which are released into the soil to encourage plant growth. Cocoa pods also prevent root rot and water in the soil from evaporating. This way, you can water your garden less frequently.

3) Save Water with Cocoa Shells

As you know, water consumption is under pressure. It has been and will be increasingly necessary to respond to extreme weather conditions, such as prolonged summer droughts. It is important to be thrifty with drinking water and groundwater, and cocoa pods can help in this regard.

4) Highly decorative

Cocoa shells are used for practical reasons. However, it should be noted that these shells also have high decorative value. It is an ideal material for filling planters on terraces and balconies. It also has a positive effect on plants and flowers.

Did you know that some people build garden paths with cocoa pods because of its decorative value?

Molecules | Free Full-Text | Cocoa Shell: A By-Product with Great Potential  for Wide Application

5) Insulating Effects of Cocoa Shells

The insulating effect of cocoa husks is not as good as tree bark or other materials, but it is definitely present. When protecting plants from frost with cocoa hulls, it is necessary to apply a thicker layer than usual. Usually a layer of 4-5 cm is used, but for insulation you should immediately consider a thickness of 8-10 cm.

6) Applying Cocoa Shells in the Garden

Applying cocoa shells is an easy task. Follow this step-by-step plan:

  • Remove weeds from the area where the cocoa shells will be placed.
  • Cut open the bag of cocoa shells at the top and sprinkle the bottom at least 4-5 cm thick.
  • Scatter the shells under bushes and plants with your hands or a rake.
  • Enjoy a pleasant chocolate aroma and natural appearance

7) How to Create the Ideal Garden With Cocoa Bean Mulch?

Whether you are an experienced landscaper or just want to make your garden more beautiful, consider using cocoa bean mulch.

Cocoa seed mulch can be used under and around bushes and at the base of trees. In gardens that are heavily shaded, this mulch can cover areas of devastation and bring the garden back to life. It can also be used on potted plants that tend to dry out quickly.

Do you have any other tips on using cocoa shells? Share it with us in the comments below!

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