3 Steps for Laying Turf Rolls

3 Steps for Laying Turf Rolls

3 Steps for Laying Turf Rolls


Step 1: Case 1: Prepare the ground for a lawn to be renovated

Step 1: Case 2: Prepare the ground for a full lawn

Step 2: Lay the turf rolls

Step 3: Water!

The installation of a lawn already grown in rolls is generally done in 2 cases:

To renovate a lawn where certain areas are in deplorable condition without growth at different stages, which, visually, is not very aesthetic.

To avoid the watering and care steps of the first few weeks of a seeded lawn.

Turf can be laid all season long, from spring to fall.

Easy to transport, turf does not need to be stored and must be laid as soon as it is delivered (after a maximum of 24 hours, during which time it must be stored in the shade and covered).

Here are the materials and steps necessary to install turf properly.

1. Case 1: prepare the ground for a lawn to be renovated

Cut out the area to be replanted using a spade.

Give it a right-angled shape by biting on the healthy part if necessary.

Remove the old lawn by turning the soil over 10 cm with a spade.

Remove any excess soil so the new lawn is level with the existing lawn.

Place a 5 cm layer of topsoil.

Rake the area to be covered.

1.2 Case 2: Prepare the soil for a whole field

Turn the soil with a spade to a depth of about 20 cm (preferable to a rototiller), the aim being to decompact it.

Remove stones and large plant debris.

Amend the soil according to the nature of the ground by adding potting soil, compost or sand to a thickness of about 5 cm.

Level the ground with a rake: it must be flat.

2. Lay the rolls of grass

3 Steps for Laying Turf Rolls


Unroll the rolls. Their edges should be straight and parallel, and they should not overlap.

Flatten with your hands to remove the air between the sheets and the soil.

Gently tread on the grass to bring it into contact with the soil.

Use a simple serrated kitchen knife to cut the turf along the edge of the field or around plantings.

Roll over the turf.

For a small area, use a board to compact the soil.

Installation tips

If there is a slope, lay the rollers perpendicular to the slope.

Start at the bottom of the garden or on the side where access is least easy to avoid trampling throughout the operation.

Unroll the rolls in the longest dimension of your surface: you will limit handling and joints.

3. Water!

Don’t wait. Soak the lawn thoroughly (about 5 l/m²).

Repeat this abundant watering for 8 days.

Then water according to the weather and the season.

Wait to mow until the height of the stems reaches 8 cm.

Good to know: if all these steps seem tedious, do not hesitate to call a professional who can give you a perfect result.

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3 Steps for Laying Turf Rolls

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