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Asparagus (Asparagus Officinalis) is a perennial plant that has lived for many years. It can grow to over a meter high, sometimes a meter and a half, and as wide as a meter in some conditions. There are several different types of asparagus available for sale, but the requirements for cultivation are very similar. The most commonly grown are Asparagus densiflorus and Asparagus setaceus. Less well known but equally attractive, are the older strains of Asparagus pyramidalis and falcatus, for example. Preparation Growing asparagus requires patience and a long preparation period. It is best to sow the seeds indoors in the spring (early March). Asparagus seeds are about 3 mm in size, so sowing them is very easy. Fill the seedling box with about 10 cm of soil, leaving a few cm between the plants to allow them to grow well. After a week or two, the seedlings will have…

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