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Juice Garden

Winter can be a tough time for gardeners; losing their plants and one of their favourite hobbies is not fun. How about I tell you that there are some plants that you can grow in winter? The key to a thriving garden in winter is knowing which vegetables are best suited to this kind of weather. When should you plant? Most vegetables for winter growing are planted between mid-summer and early autumn, depending on the variety. When buying seeds, choose plants that are more cold-hardy. For example, if you love dinosaur kale (which is a summer, spring and autumn vegetable), you should choose winter bor kale, a type of kale that is cold tolerant. Which vegetables to plant? Lettuce Have you ever reached for lettuce in the supermarket in winter but pushed it aside because of the price? Growing your own lettuce over the winter can also save you money…

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Treatment of Plants – The Use of Surgery in Gardens (Part 1)

Like all living things, trees and bushes are subject to a considerable variety of injuries. But, I must say, tree surgery has made great progress in recent years. And yet, there is not much that’s mentioned which prohibits us from rejoicing over the outstanding approaches to the age-old problems of preserving plants’ lives. Thus, in the following series, I shall report on some of the significant and outstanding progress made in this field. What Is It About Injured Plants? A heavy fall of snow or sleet may blanket the trees, causing overladen branches to break off or split. Violent winds may rip off well-developed boughs. Insects such as bark beetles bore into the barks while gnawing animals such as beavers may strip off pieces of living tissue. With their cultivating tools or pruning shears or saw, gardeners may sometimes unwittingly produce grievous wounds. Most of the injuries caused by such…

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