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The Seed Plants: Dominant Forms Of The Earth’s Vegetation (Part 2)

Most of the plants you encounter in practically every sort of natural environment are seed plants, so-called because they reproduce by seeds. Botanists have been particularly interested in seed plants, not only because of their abundance, but also because of their diversity and usefulness to mankind. As a result, they have been studied more completely than any other plant group. So, let’s find out more! The Growth Process All seed plants obviously grow. The process of growth, which results in the formation of new tissues, occurs chiefly at the tips of roots and in the buds of stems. In many seed plants a growth tissue called cambium is located in stems and roots between the two conducting tissues: xylem (which conducts water and soil nutrients upward) and phloem (which conducts foods manufactured in leaves downward). The growth activity of cambium leads to the production of new tissues transversely (crosswise) in…

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